Why Learning English Is So Important In The 21st Century

The world has become a vast and interconnected network through technology and travel. With widespread business and social networks, people from all language backgrounds need to find a mutual medium for communication. As a result, English classes in Singapore have become compulsory for all children in school.

English has become a universal language that is being taught all over the world. The increasing demand for English-speaking applicants has made it an invaluable skill to master in order to have more career opportunities. Taking these reasons into account, one would understand the importance of being able to listen, read, write, and speak English.

Business opportunities

All multinational companies rely on English to attract customers and clients. Communicating formally over emails and phone calls will up your chances of landing a high-profile job.

Being a popular trading station for South East Asia, Singapore has attracted a huge number of foreign traders and investors who mostly do all the negotiations and transactions in English. Learning English will give you opportunities to liaise with different businessmen and create opportunities to study or start your own businesses.

If you are able to communicate with English-speaking foreigners, your business can stand a chance to grow and prosper.


In the Singaporean education system, English lessons for kids are compulsory and start since young. As the nation’s lingua franca, the importance of knowing English is heavily emphasized, ensuring that the future generations are able to survive in a globalized world.

Mastering the English language can have a big impact on your future. Having a great command of the English language increases your academic options, such as entering the world’s prestigious universities, in the future.


If you live in a country popular among tourists, being able to communicate with travellers can be very rewarding. It also enhances cross cultural awareness between people from all over the world, where you can share stories about local heritage and culture.

Knowledge is power

You can find a lot of information on the internet, and most of these articles, essays and documents are written in English. In order to survive in the 21stcentury, we need to be constantly obtaining new information about the world around us. Being able to understand English will give you the power to succeed.

Early exposure to English helps to polish up and cultivate a good command of the language. Living in a globalised 21stcentury, it is important and relevant to be able to communicate to people from various parts of the world.


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