Business English Course Singapore

English Explorer also offers a tailored Business English Course, designed to equip professionals with the language skills they need to thrive in the global business world. This course focuses on developing your ability to effectively communicate in English in a professional setting.

By enrolling in our Business English Course, you can expect to gain:

Professional Vocabulary
Learn and master the jargon and terminology commonly used in the business world.

Effective Communication
Enhance your ability to communicate your ideas effectively and clearly in business meetings or presentations.

Email Etiquette
Gain a solid understanding of professional email writing and learn how to craft clear and concise emails.

Negotiation Skills
Develop your English language negotiation skills for a competitive edge in business transactions.

Cultural Sensitivity
Understand the cultural nuances in the English-speaking business world to improve your cross-cultural communication skills.

Flexible Learning
Choose from a variety of time slots to match your busy schedule.

Join English Explorer’s Business English Course today to communicate more effectively and confidently in your professional life.

In today’s globalised world, communication has become more important. As businesses expand their reach to different parts of the world, mastering English has become a crucial skill for professionals everywhere. It’s not just about speaking the language fluently but also understanding the nuances of business English. Business English is a specialised form of English that focuses on language skills required for professional communication in the workplace. It encompasses a wide range of areas, such as business meetings, presentation skills, speaking skills for negotiations, writing skills for emails, and listening skills.

A Business English course can give you the skills and knowledge to communicate professionally and effectively, whether negotiating with clients, presenting ideas to colleagues or writing emails to your team. With the rise of technology, virtual meetings, and remote work, effective communication is more important than ever. By investing in Business English courses, professionals can improve their business English communication skills, gain confidence, and ultimately increase their career prospects in the global marketplace.

Are You Ready to Learn Business English?

English for business is a specialised language that has become increasingly important in today’s globalised economy. Working professionals must have a strong grasp of business English to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and partners across different countries and cultures.

One of the main benefits of having strong business English skills is the ability to open up new opportunities for career advancement. Companies that operate globally often require employees who can communicate effectively in English. A good command of this language can make employees more valuable to their organisation, increasing promotion and career growth opportunities.

Furthermore, clear and effective communication is necessary for successful business negotiations, presentations, and meetings. If professionals cannot express themselves clearly in English, misunderstandings can occur, leading to lost business deals and damaged relationships. On the other hand, if professionals can confidently communicate in English, they can build trust and establish positive relationships with clients and partners.

At English Explorer, we offer Business English lessons in Singapore that cater to both beginner and advanced levels. We have a total of 10 levels to complete, with each group having two terms of 10 class lessons to be completed.

Our Business English course syllabus is produced and accredited by Oxford University Press, so you can rest assured that you will be learning Business English with the relevant content, lessons, and curriculum used globally, including in Singapore.

Why English Explorer?

Syllabus accredited by University of Oxford.

At English Explorer, our courses have a syllabus accredited by the University of Oxford, ensuring a high-quality language learning experience. This endorsement guarantees our curriculum is robust, comprehensive, and up-to-date with the latest English teaching methodologies. The Oxford-accredited syllabus provides a structured approach to learning, enabling students to build language skills with confidence and efficiency. Choose English Explorer for academic excellence.

Native English & Local teachers are certified with CELTA or TESOL

At English Explorer, our distinguished faculty consists of both native English and local teachers, all certified with CELTA or TESOL. This certification affirms their competence in teaching English, ensuring they deploy effective strategies and techniques that foster an optimal learning environment for our students.

Skillsfuture Credit-eligible English Courses

Our courses are Skillsfuture Credit-eligible $530 for every course covering the full group course fee, an initiative by the Singapore government to encourage lifelong learning. At English Explorer, our distinguished faculty consists of both native English and local teachers, all certified with CELTA or TESOL. This certification affirms their competence in teaching English, ensuring they deploy effective strategies and techniques that foster an optimal learning environment for our students.

Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)

Our English courses are eligible for UTAP funding, NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support, capped at $250.


  • Our Business English class comes with Audio tracks to allow you to practise before and after class and maximise retention of what you have learnt.
  • Our video lessons are a great complement to face-to-face lessons as you can watch them anytime you are available!
  • Our Business English course focuses on improving your English Grammar, Vocabulary, Adjectives and Pronunciation.
  • We pay special attention to verbs, verb tenses, punctuation and adverbs essential to mastering written Business English. Business email writing or meeting minutes writing will be practised during our Business English lessons in Singapore.
  • English Explorer offers a free placement test to ensure that you are tested with the correct level of learning. Our online test helps us to assess your proficiency level so that you can learn better and faster.
  • Even if you have not learned English before, we have suitable English classes to help you improve further. Alternatively, we can also conduct an assessment for you via phone call or face-to-face.

Our English teachers are certified in both CELTA and TESOL and boast many years of teaching experience in both Business English and Communicative English.

  • Yes, it would be incredibly beneficial for you to use our English Placement Online Test to determine your level of proficiency in the language.
  • Alternatively, we can also conduct an assessment for you via a phone call or face-to-face.
  • The rationale behind our assessments is to ensure that the right level of English learning will be provided to each student.
  • Our business English course comes with Audio tracks to allow you to practice before and after class so as to maximise your English retention.
  • Yes, who says we don’t have video lessons? These VLs are so helpful that you can watch them 24/7, even before you go to bed.
  • We pay special attention to verbs, verb tenses, punctuation and adverbs that are essential to master in written Business English.

Business English Class Schedule

  • If you want to upgrade your writing, presentation, speaking, and communication skills as working professionals, see our business English class schedule.
  • Our English courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credits $530 and NTUC UTAP Funding up to $250
  • In the Business English Intermediate group class, students will learn new vocabulary related to the business world, improve their English grammar and pronunciation, and gain confidence in their communication abilities.
  • At the end of the course, students should be able to communicate effectively in various business contexts, write clear and concise business documents, and understand common business terminology.
Batch IDPhysical & Online ClassesStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical /
Online Fee
E34 3006-SunIntermediate for 10 lessons30 Jun01 SepEvery Sun
E34 0307-EveIntermediate for 10 lessons03 Jul04 SepEvery Wed 7pm – 9pm$530
E34 1407~SunIntermediate for 10 lessons14 Jul15 SepEvery Sun
E34 1707~EveIntermediate for 10 lessons17 Jul18 SepEvery Wed 7pm – 9pm$530
E34 2807 (Sun)Intermediate for 10 lessons28 Jul29 SepEvery Sun
E34 3107 (Eve)Intermediate for 10 lessons31 Jul02 OctEvery Wed 7pm – 9pm$530
E34 1108~SunIntermediate for 10 lessons11 Aug14 OctEvery Sun
E34 1408~EveIntermediate for 10 lessons14 Aug16 OctEvery Wed 7pm – 9pm$530

In the Business English advanced group class, students should be able to communicate confidently in English in various business settings and have a strong understanding of the cultural norms and expectations in a professional environment.

Batch IDPhysical & Online ClassesStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical /
Online Fee
E54 0707-SunAdvanced for 10 lessons07 Jul08 SepEvery Sun
4.30pm – 6.30pm
E54 1107-EveAdvanced for 10 lessons11 Jul12 SepEvery Thu 7pm – 9pm$530
E54 2107(Sun)Advanced for 10 lessons21 Jul22 SepEvery Sun
4.30pm – 6.30pm
E54 2507(Eve)Advanced for 10 lessons25 Jul26 SepEvery Thu 7pm – 9pm$530
E54 0408-SunAdvanced for 10 lessons04 Aug06 OctEvery Sun
4.30pm – 6.30pm
E54 0808-EveAdvanced for 10 lessons08 Aug10 OctEvery Thu 7pm – 9pm$530
E54 1808 (Sun)Advanced for 10 lessons18 Aug20 OctEvery Sun
4.30pm – 6.30pm
E54 2208 (Eve)Advanced for 10 lessons22 Aug24 OctEvery Thu 7pm – 9pm$530
  • Course materials fee of $50 includes Course book + recorded class videos & Online support.
  • Per Student One-time registration fee $50 ~ Waived for current month sign up
  • Small Group Class size with good quality learning teacher ratio*

Steps to apply and claim SkillsFuture Credits

  • Our school will email the student to complete the registration form
  • After that we will send you the SF course invoice and funding application guide to apply SF credits
  • Once approved, student will top up the balance fee to start class.

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