What Will The World’s Lingua Franca Be Like In The Future?

English has been the world’s most commonly used language for a long period now. It is considered to be the de facto lingua franca since almost 300 million people in the world are using the said language as their first spoken dialect, while half a billion of people in the world consider it as their second language. The use of the English language has become so popular and successful that it has been kept alive to stay as the standard of writing and spoken medium across the globe.

The development of the English language can be traced way back in the olden days where countries started using it as their second language. However, many claimed that English would not stay as the world’s lingua franca for long. Just like the decline of any other languages before English, it is stated by researchers that it would not take another eight hundred years for the language to be dethroned as the world’s lingua franca.

If you are curious why they are saying these things against English as the lingua franca of the future, here are some of the reasons being claimed by researchers why the said language will not stay for long. Read more about it below.

Nothing Stays the Same
As mentioned, just like the previous ages in history and the decline of other languages like those used during the Roman empire, English will eventually have its time of decline. Regardless if people continue to enrol in various English learning courses in Singapore or even in the notable singapore skillsfuture english course, the time of decline is inevitable. Nevertheless, the English language is still a useful language to learn.

Evolution of Writing
As time goes by, the trend in writing and production of new words are also concerned when it comes to the development of a new lingua franca. With the world’s modernisation, it will reduce the use of the English language and cause a potential decline. The usage of various modes of communication such as emojis and other signs put the English language at risk for deteriorating. It is quite challenging, but the emergence of new forms of communication are viewed as innovation and adaptation to changes.

Jargons & Spellings
The world is in constant change and so do the forms of communication. Various words and spellings are invented by people and constantly added to our dictionary that brings meaning to the changing world. New dialects are adapted, and this has been happening since the 20th century. People view this as a positive sign and tend to go with the flow. It is considered to be a process and adaptation to the younger generations.

Like any other languages, the English language will continue to evolve and keep changing as long as people are there to continue being innovative. The language has been changing all throughout history, and we cannot be so sure if it will go away sooner or later. We can be uncertain if it will be removed as the world’s lingua franca but one thing is for sure, the language will continue to change and evolve to adapt to the constantly changing world.


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