Why the English Language Became the World’s Lingua Franca

More than 350 million in the world has been speaking English as their first language. On the other hand, almost half a billion people are using English as their second language. It is considered to be the world’s lingua franca since English being used as the major language in many countries worldwide. English is also known to be the native language of many countries around the world and is being used in dealing with economic and political trades.

Why English has become the world’s lingua franca is due to the fact that is the common language or mode of communication that enables people to understand one another regardless of their cultural and ethnical backgrounds. It makes communication a lot easier and understanding one another has become efficient.

The real question now is that if English is considered to be a global language. The answer is probably yes since its reach has gone so far that it has become the world’s commonly used form of language for communication. Long before, English has already been established as the world’s lingua franca. Aside from the fact that it can be easy to learn, it is widely spoken by a lot of people.

Aside from the facts stated above, below are some even more reasons why English became the world’s lingua franca. If you are curious to learn more about it, continue reading the entry below:

Easier to Learn

Without a doubt, English is a language that is definitive and easier to learn. The forms and structures of the English language as the form of writing and communication is easier to understand and compose. The position of the verb and the subject are written or spoken in a very systematic manner making it a lot easier to understand and comprehend.

It Is the Language of Business

Worldwide, people often desire to learn to speak English. The reason for this being is that most programs and MBA’s are taught in English and the curriculum is presented in the said language. It opens a lot of opportunities for people too. Nowadays, most companies also require a certain amount of proficiency in English to their possible employees in order for them to stay at the top of the games. This is the reason why many people enrol themselves in great English learning courses in Singapore or business English class to increase their skills and improve their abilities to communicate.

English Is Widely Used in Academia

For people to adapt to certain situations, learning English has become a necessity. This could also be the reason why English has become the world’s lingua franca since it is already widely used in various countries around the globe. English, as a language, open doors of opportunities for students to enable them to reach their goals and dreams.

Learning the world’s lingua franca should make you realise that it is indeed very beneficial. Aside from enrolling yourself in English language classes, utilising various resources and materials can also be helpful for you to expand your knowledge and train your skills to become an effective and efficient communicator.


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