Top 3 Benefits Of Enrolling Yourself In English Classes

Even though it’s possible to self-study the English language and many have done so, it’s not something we’d recommend. The English language is certainly one of the most popular languages around the globe, and there are various available online mediums you can count on to learn the language.

You can do so with the help of studying books or simply just by reading continuously. However, the trick to being fluent in English is to sign up for English classes. We’ve compiled the top 3 reasons why you should learn English via English courses.

1. A strong foundation

Indeed, it often starts boring. To learn a new language like English, you’ll start off by following what your teacher tells you to do, like reading textbooks or learning how to pronounce certain words. Essentially, it’s going to be like any other class you’ve taken in the past.

Under the guidance of English classes, you’ll be equipped with the basic knowledge that is a vital stepping stone when learning the language. Having a good and strong foundation of the English language helps you understand the more complicated nuances of the language that you’ll inevitably encounter as you progress.

2. Better understanding and communication skills

Self-studying usually requires the use of a dictionary, translation book or a thesaurus and no doubt, these are all excellent tools if you’d like to learn how to translate different words and sentences, as well as decipher what others are saying.

Unfortunately, these aren’t as effective if you want to learn how to understand the English language and communicate in it. As great as increasing your vocabulary is, it’s also just as pivotal to know how to use it effectively and thankfully, this is a factor that numerous English classes focus on.

3. Builds your confidence

If you’re not a native English speaker, it can be a huge challenge trying to speak the language. Even if it’s in a casual setting, you’re always going to have the fear of making mistakes when speaking, especially if you haven’t had as much practice.

In a controlled learning environment, like in a classroom, you’re encouraged to speak English as much as you can, even if you keep on making mistakes. This helps you to learn from your previous mistakes and make improvements from there. Therefore, by enrolling yourself in an English class, you’ll receive the necessary feedback and gain the confidence to use the English language correctly.


Additionally, language immersion is just as crucial when learning the language. In fact, one of the best ways to learn English is to expose yourself to it as much as you can, and because it is widely available, many believe that learning the language is a walk in the park because of how easy it is to immerse oneself in the language.

The only issue is, without an excellent foundation, you might end up limiting your full growth when you self-study the language.

At English Explorer, we offer a wide array of classes. From basic English classes to our IELTS courses in Singapore, our proficient tutors will ensure that you’ve built that strong foundation you’ll need to excel in learning the language, and this benefits you significantly primarily in the immersion process. From there, you’ll start to use the English language more often and be an expert in no time!


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