3 Fascinating IELTS Facts That Every Taker Should Know

Many people wish to become proficient in English, and one of the best ways to test your English proficiency is to take the IELTS exam. As you are planning to take this exam, you will probably hear lots of strange things about it. Some are true, while others are pure misconceptions. If you want to pass the IELTS exam, you need to think logically and focus on achieving your desired band score.

You do not have to get distracted by the circulating rumours about the IELTS test, as most of them are surely just false myths. Moreover, to improve your exam preparations, you should consider devoting your time to attending an IELTS preparation course instead. This type of course will not just enhance your English abilities but will also help you familiarise the ins and outs of IELTS. To learn more about this well-celebrated English proficiency test, here are some interesting facts about the IELTS exam. 

Fact #1: It is impossible to cheat on the IELTS Exam

No one can cheat their way into getting a band score of 9 on the IELTS test. There is simply no way to cheat on this exam. This is because the questions you will see on your exam day do not get published anywhere else.  Obviously, bringing copies of the previous IELTS tests is not authorised, but even if it was it would not be of much help since every exam has a totally different set of questions!

Furthermore, if you were to cheat on the IELTS exam, you are likely going to only be able to cheat on the exam’s written part. This leaves the other three evaluated skills out of the picture. Usually, people fail because they think that the IELTS is just like any other English test where they can neglect their reading, speaking, and listening skills. However, these skills are of the utmost importance when taking the IELTS exam. 

Fact #2: Asking the examiner to repeat a question will not impact your IELTS score

In the speaking section of the IELTS exam, many students often hesitate to ask the examiner to repeat a question once time because they fear that their score will be impacted for doing so. However, there is really no truth to this misconception because the speaking section of the exam does not actually test your listening skills; it only tests your speaking abilities!

Although understanding the question is necessary to give a proper answer that deserves a high mark, asking the examiner to repeat it simply because you were not able to understand it at first will not impact your score.

Fact #3: Using complex words may improve your IELTS score

Having the ability to write like a professional and demonstrating your knowledge of English vocabulary are both essential parts of achieving a high score in the written section of the IELTS exam. Being able to correctly use complex words in your essay is an impressive feat. However, if you use too many difficult words that you have only learned for this purpose, there is a chance it would sound very unnatural.

Sometimes, there are words that are used for very specific situations. Although they have the definition you are looking forward to giving to them, there may be some contexts in which their usage would be unnatural or incorrect. Using complex words incorrectly will not just impact the cohesion and coherence of your test answers but it will also affect your final score. Hence, it is important to use these complex English words properly. 


Overall, there are lots of English skills you need to work on if you want to pass the IELTS exam with flying colours. Besides these skills, it is also necessary to understand the intricacies of this prominent English proficiency test. Sometimes, honing your English abilities may not be enough. You also need to have a good grasp of the English test you will be taking to make sure that you ace it!

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