Tips of Improving Adult English learning

Tips of Improving Adult English learning

7 Interesting Tips to Enhance your Grammar

Language, being used in communication by a lot of people, has a system of rules that govern its structure. This system is called Grammar. It ensures that language is understood and appropriately conveyed, either in writing or speaking. English grammar is one of the most studied among others since it is the medium mainly utilised in education, business, and science. Many nationalities invest in English language learning to meet this demand of the postmodern world. Others even go to the US and other English-speaking countries to learn and immerse themselves in the language. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for English language learning. You can follow these seven interesting tips to improve your grammar of the English language.

  1. Learn the basics

Nothing beats the acquisition of the fundamentals! To be an expert on something, start with the basics. Language learning can be complicated and dynamic so having a good foundation is a must. The basics might already be taught during primary school but refreshing it will do you good. From the parts of speech to sentence construction and paragraph writing, these rules are everywhere. A plethora of grammar books and resources are readily available in stores and online. To know the rules is to apply it with ease.

  1. Compare grammar

In second language learning, comparing and contrasting grammar with your native tongue is a good technique to understand the rules better. Noticing how different English language expresses an idea as compared to your language improves rule comprehension.


Published material is where grammar in action is observed. Expose yourself to correct grammar usage to apprehend slowly. However, self-published resources on the internet might be using informal grammar. It is not a good way to learn standard English grammar. For the best model, make use of reputable published materials.

  1. Use games and apps

With modernity comes high-tech learning. Useful games and apps are available to aid good grammar acquisition. Not only do they provide high-tech learning but it also promotes fun and enjoyable experience for learners like you. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking exercises are supplied to users for grammar practice.

  1. Follow grammar-help pages

Signing in to Facebook does not always mean updating posts but also learning. You can follow FB pages that provide updates on grammar lessons and quizzes. These pages also present grammar facts and rules in interesting ways but beware of substandard grammar used by some.

  1. Join competitions

One way of improving grammar is to apply its rules in a competitive way. Challenging yourself at writing and speaking contests allow you to apply what you have learned so far. You can also get a prize if you do great.

  1. Talk to English-speakers

Immerse yourself in the language by interacting with English-speakers. It promotes the application of grammar rules in communication. It also helps boost confidence through authentic learning.

Learn English in Singapore would be fun and fruitful if suitable, practical, and interesting ways are utilised to make the experience more memorable.








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