The Top Five English Conversation Courses in Singapore

Singapore, since its independence, has risen to become one of the most prosperous nations of the world. It boasts a booming economy and good academic environments. The six national universities in the country are incredibly notable, which attract foreign students from various parts of the world. Settling in Singapore could be a little challenging if your skills in the English language are not well developed. English conversation courses like the IELTS Singapore provide all speakers — native or non-native — the privilege to develop and fine-tune their comprehension of the language and enhance their communication skills. Below are the top five English conversation courses in Singapore that would help anyone excel at the language quickly.

Basic Beginner English course

As its name suggests, this course is a basic introductory course that focuses on developing an individual’s vocabulary. Catered for beginners who have little to no knowledge of the English language, this course is designed to make communicating with others in Singapore much easier and more fun. The syllabus covers various aspects of the language to build a solid foundation, including grammar, reading, writing, speaking, comprehension and more. Exchange students from Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and other countries may consider enrolling in this course.

Conversational English Elementary

For individuals who are looking for English conversation courses in Singapore that focus on effective listening and speaking, this course is for you! However, do note that students must have some basic English reading and writing skills to enrol in this course. Aimed at developing one’s ability to comprehend and participate freely in simple day-to-day conversations, this course teaches students how to effectively listen and communicate in the English language for others to understand their ideas.

Conversational English Intermediate 1

This course is for students who already have some mastery of the English language but are interested in boosting their confidence and sharpening their skills in language usage. The course enables students to understand and answer questions with much more ease. They can also ask for explanations and clarifications when in doubt about any matter of discussion. Students are also trained to develop proficiency in listening and speaking skills to face real-life situations.

Conversational English Intermediate 11

The Conversational English Intermediate 11 is another English conversation course aimed at helping students who can communicate relatively well with English but frequently make mistakes. The course focuses on using diverse, fun, and interesting topics to sharpen the speaking and listening skills of the students. It enables them to speak with other speakers in any situation with confidence. It also aims to teach students how to pronounce words accurately so that they are understood easily. Above all, the course further develops their conversational skills so that they can express personal opinions and support their points of view.

Conversational English Advanced

This is a course for students who are already fluent and have mastered the language but would like to acquire more accuracy. The course focuses on helping students understand and use non-regular aspects of the language. Students who enrol in the course will be able to discuss broader topics with greater accuracy and confidence.

In summary, the 5 English conversation courses in Singapore listed above are relatively affordable and will be able to help anyone, even non-speakers, communicate effectively with others!



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