How to Speak Standard English Like a native speaker?

How to Speak Standard English Like a native speaker?


Reading, writing and speaking English are not really the same in so many ways. Most of the time when you thought you already knew the language; you might doze off upon hearing a native speaker talking so fast and leaving you speechless. You may also hear a lot of slang words that just came out from their noses and suddenly you realize that you are lost. There are a lot of ways to learn this language like the native speakers; you don’t need to imitate their slangs to be able to say that you are one of them.

There is a Standard English that needs to be followed and learned. It may be quite challenging at the beginning especially if this is your second or third language. However there are centers where you can Learn English in Singapore effectively. You can take up English courses at your own convenient time.

You may also want to self-study by getting yourself familiar with the Standard English method; here are a few tips:

1. Avoid slangs- Using slangs may really confuse you especially on its definition and usage. As much as possible, use the most accepted form of this language by checking out dictionaries or manuals. Always use the proper pronunciation of the words including the dictions and intonations. Watching videos online can be a great start.

2. Record you own voice – Whenever learning new words, try recording your voice to keep track of your pronunciation and intonation. Your first recordings may sound funny but keep going; you will surely hit the right tones.

3. Keep the pace- Don’t force yourself to talk fast like the native speaker does, set proper pacing on each of your words, say it clearly and continue the rhythm, you will be surprised on how well you have changed over time.

4. Read a lot – Reading really goes a long way. Try reading an English story book aloud so you can better hear yourself, note down the words you are confused with and get a dictionary handy; once you have practiced on your own, try reading with an audience so they can observe your improvements and may give advises and feedbacks.

5. Converse- To better put it into practice, challenge yourself to converse in the English language with your friends. If you feel you are already confident, start a small talk with a native speaker. Observe the delivery and note down the words unfamiliar to you then ask or search about it. Practice and patience are two buddies you should surround with.

All these can be taught in language centers where they can even more unleash the native speaker in you. You can join a group discussion or enroll in a personal teaching session. Everything will be worth it.


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