Learn new words in English in the right manner

Learn new words in English in the right manner!

Most adolescent/adult students who are keen on learning English unknowingly assume that the first step is to improve their vocabulary. They feel that unless they have a big bank of words in their memory, they will not be able to learn English quickly or correctly.

They then go about learning and memorizing new words every day. Five words in a day, three words in a day, etc. After a fortnight or so, they realize that they have forgotten the words and their meanings completely.

They then wonder where they are going wrong and why this happened!

Here are some simple ways of learning new English words in the right manner:

1) It is more important to master the usage of a diverse mix of commonly used words first.

2) Just look around you. Can you name all the objects in your room in English?

3) Go out for a walk or to the market/park etc. Identify different objects and try to name them in English.

4) Make a note of all the things that you could not name in a language that you are comfortable with.

5) Find the names of those words in English the minute you get back home.

6) Write them down in a notebook.

7) Frame sentences using these words.

8) Focus on framing simple sentences first.

9) Take the help of an English expert to find out if the sentences are structurally and grammatically correct.

10) Rewrite it correctly after some time and understand where you went wrong.

11) Just familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of grammar.

12) Do not memorize any word or meaning or rule of grammar. This is the biggest mistake most students make.

13) Understand that you need to use the word frequently in order to master it.

14) Know that you need to practice speaking properly in English first before you learn the concepts of grammar.

15) Initially, it is enough if you are aware about concepts like singular/plural, gender – masculine/feminine, tenses and verbs.

16) You will be able to relate to such concepts because most languages have such grammatical concepts.

17) Understand that despite learning new words daily and framing sentences with them regularly – you will forget the words after a while.

18) The words are new to you. Be kind to yourself. Learning a language – any language for that matter is a time-consuming process. Be patient. Be consistent with your efforts.

19 Most important of all, practice speaking English. Have a dialogue with an English expert. Ask him/her to correct you when you make mistakes. Learn the right way of creating that sentence.

20) The more the mistakes – the better the English.

So please begin by reading easy to understand English books. Learn English using simple words first. Learn to use all these basic words properly. Learn to use them correctly when you are writing and speaking English. Slowly but steadily you can progress to learning bigger and better words correctly.




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