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The Importance of English Language

The importance of English language is well known. We need to be highly proficient in English language to survive in the highly competitive world. Children need to be exposed to English language as soon as possible to ensure they can absorb the language better since the best time to learn new languages is at young age.

The earlier the children are exposed to English language, the more comfortable and confident they would be to use the language in their daily lives.

English Explorer

We, at English Explorer provide English course for children using our English Learning Trust Methodology where we place great emphasis on the children. The children are made the focus of the lessons. The lessons are planned in non-conventional methods to ensure children stay engaged in the class.

Active lessons include role-plays, games, songs, crafting and story –telling to build the confidence of the children along with their English proficiency. We provide English courses for children sitting for PSLE English, IELTS, TOEFL, GCE O Level and GCE A Level.

The courses

English course for children sitting for PSLE English covers open-ended questions, comprehension cloze, continuous writing, synthesis and transformation. Students will be guided on the errors made, taught strategies to answer each section and will be exposed to the exam format through the revision of past year exam papers.

In addition, English course for children sitting for GCE O Level are also being conducted. The teachers who are experienced MOE ex-school teachers are result-oriented and will spend a lot of time enlightening you on your mistakes, strengthening your foundation on English, as well as keeping a small class size to ensure detailed attention is given to all students.

English course for children sitting for IELTS, TOEFL, and GCE A Level are conducted by experienced teachers and in small classrooms. The format of the exam is given great importance and children are exposed to the exam format early on so that they can be better prepared during the examinations.

It is to be noted that a high percentage of our students have been successful in their placements after improving their English proficiency at our centre. You can now try our English Placement Test on our website to find out your English level.


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