Discover How a High IELTS Score Can Be Totally Life-Changing

There are only two types of English learners in the world: those who take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam seriously and those who don’t.

Naturally, the latter are few and far between. This is because most people know just how vital the IELTS exam is. However, if you belong to those who don’t think much of the IELTS exam, then read on to discover why you should think otherwise.

Why is the IELTS exam important?

The IELTS Exam is designed to help individuals gain entry into countries where English is the primary language. It achieves this through its IELTS Score scale that goes from 1-9, and the higher the number, the more proficient one is at the English language.

Whatever the reason may be, people keen on engaging in any activity (except a vacation) within English-dominated lands must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the native language. This proficiency is reflected in the IELTS Score that you attain, which agencies will use to gauge your English skills.

To know some crucial advantages of getting a high IELTS score, read on to discover the new opportunities that can stem from your efforts.

Gain entry into world-class universities

There are plenty of reasons why the IELTS exam is essential. And for students, it can mean the difference between admission or rejection. Many reputable universities require a minimum IELTS score before being accepted. Some can go as high as a 7.5, while others will settle for a 6.

More importantly, even if the university does admit you with a score of 6, your preferred program or department might have higher standards. As such, to make your educational journey abroad a lot smoother, do proper research into the IELTS requirements for the university and courses that you’re aiming for.

Upgrade your lifestyle in a new country

Besides serving as evidence of one’s English proficiency for universities and businesses, the IELTS is also accepted for migration purposes in countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Each of the countries mentioned has its IELTS requirement for people applying for migration. For example, Australia has set a minimum IELTS score of 6, whilst the UK’s needs can vary from 4 to 7. If you want to move elsewhere and already have a particular place in mind, then do a quick online search of their IELTS score requirements and know the goal that you need to achieve.

Net better jobs in a broader career pool

For those seeking employment opportunities abroad, many countries require a high IELTS score. In Australia, for instance, a band score of 7 and above is required for skills migration. If you score lower, then you won’t be able to work in Australia. Also, the IELTS scores expire every two years, which means that you’ll have to retake the test every two years and make sure that you score as high as you did before, if not higher.

How can you score high on the IELTS?

The only way to get a high IELTS score is through study and practice. For starters, you can enrol yourself in after-school English classes in Singapore. By taking up these additional English lessons, you can simultaneously polish your strengths in the language and improve on the weaker areas. Doing so will certainly help you prepare better for the IELTS exam.

Lastly, once you are taking the exam, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you don’t achieve the score you want, you can always retake it. The IELTS has no mandatory waiting period between tests, and those interested are still free to register for another exam as soon as they feel ready again.


It can seem rather unconvincing to say that the IELTS exam can change your life. But if you’re determined to expand your horizons in an English-speaking country, then there’s no other way but to get a high score in this exam.

Whether you’re a student looking for admission to your dream university or you’re someone who’s looking for better employment opportunities elsewhere, a high IELTS exam score will definitely have a huge and positive impact on your life.

Be it to prepare for an IELTS exam or simply to learn English in Singapore, our courses at English Explorer can help you efficiently achieve your language goals. With effective learning courses available both online and offline, you can choose the learning schedule that fits your time and needs regardless of your working hours, interest, or budget.


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