Difficulties Encountered When Learning English Language

Difficulties Encountered When Learning English Language

English is considered to be the international language so it’s one of the most popular and the most studied languages. However, learning English presents some difficulties along the way and a lot of people find it hard to overcome these difficulties. This article takes a quick look at some of the challenges people may encounter in learning English.

Massive Vocabulary

According to some scholars, English has the biggest number of words.  This is one of the reasons why learning English is quite a challenge to tackle since you need to be familiar with enough words to be able to hold a proper conversation in all scenarios. No English lessons will be able to cover even half of its vocabulary.

Complex Grammar

Complicated doesn’t even begin to describe how intricate the English grammar can be. Unlike other languages that follow a standard composition of subject, verb, and object, the English language has different forms and structures. You may learn the basics in various English lessons, but you cannot master it if you don’t practice it regularly. Even some native speakers err on their grammar, this just proves how difficult it is to have total mastery of the language.

Inconsistent Pronunciation

Like other languages, learning English pronunciation might sound impossible at first. It is quite tough, though if your English lessons are thorough it might not be so rough after all.  You can’t always guess a word’s pronunciation just by its spelling. Even just the word ‘read’ for example can be spoken in different ways depending on which tense of the verb you are trying to use. Some words may confuse learners a little bit more with the trickery of having silent letters. You need to know that the words ‘knead’ and ‘psychology’ have solemnly silent letters in them.

With regular and constant practice, you’ll develop a knack for using the English language properly.  Learn English in Singapore


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