Business English Language Courses for All Levels in Singapore

Singapore, a buoyant and prosperous country with a growing economy in the world, is one of the busiest nations when it comes to commerce. However, if any business would survive in the country, such business managers must be properly trained in the English Language. Business English Language courses are designed to assist professionals who work or are based in the country. The courses offered could be at the elementary, intermediate or advanced levels.

Before one can register for any of the courses, there are certain requirements to be fulfilled. The requirements include the minimum age to register being twelve years and no prior academic qualification for all levels of the course. Qualified teachers in conjunction with Academic Boards are involved in conducting placement tests to enable consultants to decide on classes and courses in which students can be placed. The test focuses on the candidate’s abilities in grammar, speaking and vocabulary.

The courses are aimed at improving students’ communication skills in the business world. They enable students to communicate and answer questions during presentations, writing of business e-mails, speaking with clients or business partners on the telephone and effective contributions at business meetings.

The courses also afford students the opportunity to relate with native speakers of English on various topics on business and business-related which would, in turn, improve the comprehension and communication of English in business environments. Anyone can learn useful English in the business world. Some business English language courses for all levels in Singapore are enumerated below:

Kaplan’s Intensive Business English Course

This Business English course is a full-time, one-on-one course specially designed to enable students to learn business English language skills very quickly. The course makes students fully committed to the study and skills increase at amazing speeds. The course consists of twenty Business English lessons with flexible schedules. The course is offered in a good number of regions in Singapore.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Online Business English Specialisation

Just like its name, it is an online platform for intensive business English courses.  The syllabus focuses on helping students develop language skills that are useful and applicable in everyday workplace, external business affairs and workforce across the globe. The students are able to build several vocabularies used in business communication. They are also able to comprehend what they read and understand even complex business terms.

British Council Singapore

The council offers two different classes for learners of business English language. They offer BEST (Business English Skills Training) which is a course specially designed for working professionals in the country who are interested in enhancing their command of the language at their workplaces. The courses offered are in three levels with the focus adjustable to suit individual needs either grammar, writing skills or speaking or pronunciation.

The other one is a Communication Course. It runs for three months, and it helps to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The courses can be conducted either in group classes, one-on-one coaching or private group sessions.

The courses listed above and many others have a common goal. The common goal of the Business English language courses is to improve the general English skills and business communication skills.



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