5 Interesting Ways To Make Learning English Fun & Enjoyable

There are times when learning English as a second language can be challenging. Whatever the case, motivation is essential for those who choose to learn English in Singapore. Learning while having fun is an excellent way to counter some of these challenges. Here are some tips to make learning English a lot more fun and keep yourself motivated.

1. Play communicative games

Make use of your smartphone and download app games such as Scrabble or other spelling games that are interactive. It makes learning new words and spelling more interesting. In addition, the challenging and competitive aspects of games can also help motivate you to outdo their initial expectations.

2. Online learning resources

Besides games, there are several English learning apps that have excellent features and tools to complement what you learn during your English courses. Some apps have tools such as flashcards and audio readers that can go a long way in enhancing your understanding.  There are also several English learning games and tools available on the internet to help supplement your learning outside of the classroom.

3. Listen to your favourite English songs and audiobooks

No matter where you’re travelling to, use your travel time to listen to English songs and audiobooks in your train rides. Subscribe to an English-speaking podcast, or purchase audiobooks or listen to English music.

Don’t be afraid to try and sing along to the songs you’re listening to. You’ll not just be having fun, but also making progress in familiarising with more English words and pronunciation.

4. Share experiences and informal chats

One of the best ways to improve communication in an English class is to go beyond the regular introduction and share a few life experiences.

In your English class, strike a simple conversation with a classmate and get the opportunity to make new friends so you can learn more from one another and share your journey in learning English together. As you engage in conversations, you will get a chance to enhance your vocabulary, tenses and a host of other English skills.

5. Watch a TV show

Watching a TV show is a captivating and insightful way of learning a language. You get to learn pronunciation, new vocabulary and even different cultural context and expressions of the language.

There are many English courses available in Singapore for students of all ages, young and old, to enrol in and improve their language skills. If you are enrolling your child for English lessons for kids, you can also make use of these tips to keep learning fun, informative and engaging for them.


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