Reasons Why English is a Popular Second Language

English is not a language native to Singapore, but it has become the second most dominant language in the country, only after Mandarin. About 80% of the Singapore’s population has learned the English language with most of them using the language in their homes and offices. We cannot ignore the fact that the English language is probably the most important language used across the world.

It is the second most popular language in the world
English is the second most popular language in the world after Chinese with over 1.6 billion speakers. The language is also spoken in most countries across the world. Therefore, you are highly likely to meet someone who can speak English in almost every city you visit. For this reason, most people have always chosen English as their second language over other languages since it allows them to interact with many people from different origins.

It is the business language
Living in Singapore exposes you to large multinational companies with international employees. You are more likely to attract international partners and clients if you are a businessperson in the country. Learning the English language is, therefore necessary if you still want to compete with other entrepreneurs in the country. Remember, slight interest in learning the language is not only going help you communicate freely and smoothly with your clients and partners, but it also raises your chances of closing a deal.

It is the most popular internet language
Anyone can communicate easily with friends, family and business partners from all corners of the world from the comfort of their home or office. Additionally, you can get information online without spending a dime. All this is made possible by the availability of the Internet and other technological gadgets such as computers, phones, and tablets

Learning English makes your life more interesting
Taking an English language course in Singapore is likely to make your life more interesting in different ways. You can enjoy a movie in English or listen to the best music that you can find on the internet. YouTube also has virtually endless content, most of which comes in English. Studying culture and traditions of different communities will expose you to different ways of thinking and possibly impact your life.

English is easy to learn
English is not a hard language to learn compared to other languages such as Chinese and Arabic. The language is developed from other languages while every word in English is derived from the 26 alphabetical letters. Therefore, you can quickly learn at least one thousand English words as long as you familiarise yourself with the basic alphabet.

Choosing English as a second language is not only necessary for anyone intending to grow their business prospects, but it is also ideal for your personal development. The language is easy to learn, and you are likely to attain some proficiency after only a few months of thorough reading and intensive practice. Most institutions also provide english courses for kids in schools, which are customised to fit the students as much as possible. Therefore, you should encourage the children to enrol in such courses as early as possible, while you enrol in english language course in singapore.


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