Four Methods That Will Help You Master the English Language


Improving your English language skills from intermediate to master levels can be a complicated affair. However, you can easily reach the advanced levels of the English language after months of intensive practice and learn new vocabulary. Improving your mastery of English involves gaining proficiency in the four language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Therefore, you have a long way to go if you are still struggling with the pronunciation of some English words or having problems constructing sentences in English. We are going to look at various ways of improving your mastery of the language.

1. Go for a Long-term Language Course

You have the liberty to choose between a long-term and a short-term English language course in Singapore. While a short course may seem convenient for anyone looking to learn the language as fast as possible, a long-term course may provide better results and more in-depth knowledge of the language. Most short-term students only get to learn up to an intermediate level since they do not have enough time to master the language. Therefore, you may consider going for the long-term alternative if you want to understand all grammar rules, idioms, parts of speech, and vocabularies used in the English language.

2. Read Out loud

Most people are afraid to read loudly to avoid embarrassment when making a mistake. However, the pronunciation mistakes that you make are going to help you gain your proficiency in the language. Recording yourself as you read or speak English will also help you point out all the errors that you could be making in your efforts to master the language. You can repeat this several times until you familiarize yourself with the troublesome words.

3. Play Word Games

Games are going to elevate your spirits and challenge your comprehension of the language. Some games like crosswords puzzles also tend to test your critical thinking skills and your knowledge of English vocabulary. Others like tongue twisters will help you with the pronunciation of words containing similar sounds. You can also find other games like Scrabble on the Internet, and compete with others that are on your level. Therefore, you should consider engaging in fun activities like playing word games if you are at the intermediate level and you do not seem to be making any progress on your quest to get to the master level.

4. Engage in a Professional Debate or Participate in a Contest

Debates and contests are stressful events that call for you to put your best skills on the frontline for you to win. Professional discussions and contests allow you to rack your mind over the words to use in that particular setting. English vocabulary varies depending on the topic that you are talking about in a debate, hence forcing you to think deeply about your next statement. For example, you can engage in a discussion on technology, global warming, politics, or fashion. Remember that you could be debating with a native speaker with an excellent grasp of English language, so you have no option but to challenge yourself and believe that you can make it.

Most people are comfortable with the intermediate level in English, but it is always advisable to master the language especially if you intend to use it on a daily basis. Overcoming the expert level in a language is a gradual process, but you will eventually get there after enough practice. Most institutions offering English language courses in Singapore will always provide different packages ranging from the basic to intermediate, and finally the master level. Therefore, you can always choose the package you want from the available ones offered in the institution of your choice. In this case, a master or expert level is the best option for you.


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