5 Reasons Why You Must Be Fluent in the English Language

Learning a second or a third language is quickly becoming a necessity in the 21st century. Choosing the ideal language for your needs can be a daunting task especially when there are hundreds of them to learn. However, you can never go wrong by taking singapore’s english lessons. It is the second most popular language in the world after Mandarin, and the most sought out second language by most people. Therefore, learning these languages gives you a competitive edge in your career and business world. This guide gives you five essential reasons for gaining fluency in the English language.

It Exposes You to Millions of Speakers
Mandarin is the most popular language in the world, but its speakers are mostly concentrated in Asian countries. However, this is different from English, which attracts a large following of speakers across all continents. Over 50 states in the world use English as an official language, so living in these countries will not be a problem. That you can communicate freely, make new friends, or perform other essential functions from most countries in the world should be your biggest motivation for learning the language.

It Gives you a Competitive Edge in Job Industry
The number of multinational companies in the country is growing every day, leading to a general increase in the demand for international employees and clients. Therefore, employers will be looking for workers with a good handle on the English language. The fact that you can speak to everyone in both your native and English language makes you a more desirable employee than those who can only use one language.

It Increases Your Learning Opportunities
Learning will not only make you knowledgeable on a variety of topics from all over the world, but it also makes you desirable among your peers and employers. Most science and technology research use English as their primary language, so fluency in the language gives you access to this content. Approximately 60% of content on the Internet is in English, allowing you access to this vast pool of knowledge.

It Gives You Access to the Best Universities in the World
Have you ever dreamt of joining the most prestigious universities in the world such as Cambridge or Oxford? Then it is time you enrol in English classes in Singapore. Most universities require a certain level of proficiency in the English language before you can join, so it is essential that you master the language.

It Makes Travelling Easier
Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a new country where you have no knowledge of the native languages. Everything from getting a taxi, booking a hotel, or asking for directions is close to impossible. However, you are likely to find a few English speakers in almost every country you visit. Therefore, its time you join an English class in Singapore if you intend to travel to other countries out of Asia.

English is the language of the global commerce industry and various science skills. Therefore, gaining fluency in English will not only make you more knowledgeable on the current trends in the industry, but it also makes you more interesting among your colleagues and peers. English is an easy language to learn, so you should not miss out on all the above opportunities because of a skill that can only take a few months to be fluent.


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