Ways You Can Prepare for a Language Proficiency Test

Passing a language test is a common wish for everyone sitting for an English test. Some people will pass an exam even without doing intensive revision while others will need hours of practice before they get to the exam room. Everyone has their ways of understanding things especially when it comes to English learning course in Singapore. There are fast learners and second-hand learners; this means that there are those who need more in-depth reading so that they can understand. Panicking is not advisable especially when it comes exams, but you can use the tips below to ace an English proficiency test.

Understanding the Test

A complete understanding of the test will help you get an idea of what the examiner requires of you. In this case, you need to research the format, structure, and possible questions. You should go through one problem after the other to understand better. Remember that each issue comes with a different meaning, so you should take your time to understand every little detail.

Develop Your Listening Skills

English is a universal language with various regional differences. This means that your examiner might be having a heavy accent depending on the region they are coming from hence altering the pronunciation of some words. Therefore, you should sharpen your listening skills to ensure you are getting everything that the examiner is trying to ask. You can listen to audio clips, radio, podcasts or watch videos of different versions of English language and how it’s spoken in different countries. Talking to your friend or any other native speaker will help sharpen your listening skills too.

Mock Tests

Bookstores and libraries have loads of test preparation books for learning English in Singapore. There are a million other copies online that you can use to your benefit while preparing for a language exam. The online tests will provide instant results for your test, and some will even go a notch higher in pointing out your areas of weakness. This helps you polish up your skills before the main test. Remember that mock tests should be done weeks before the exam to help you improve your weak points.

Talk to Your Tutor

English is a complex language, and its grammar can take years to master. While some challenges are easier to solve on your own, others require help from a tutor or any other professional with high proficiency in the language. You can talk to your tutor to help you out with various topics that could be bothering you a few days or weeks before the actual test. A trained professional will help you point out your weak areas and help you in improving them.

Read Newspaper and Magazines

They boost language fluency and help in mastering certain words that are not recurrent, regular reading boosts knowledge and helps one understand words that were not familiar to them. Every new word is a plus to your vocabulary list, and you can use it in your language proficiency test.

One can also download an app for English learning and testing into your smartphone to help you practice speaking the language from a remote location. There are different versions of English so you should be very keen to ensure you have an app that is in line with your language lesson. The English language is natural to understand, and most people pass their exam after the end of a course.


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