Why Learning the English Language is Necessary

English is one of the most widely spoken languages globally with over 1.5 billion speakers worldwide. English has also become popular in most Singapore homes in the last one decade unlike in the past where it was mainly spoken in corporate offices. Now, english lessons for children are widely available. Therefore, learning the language is no longer an option, but also a necessity if you intend to interact freely with people from all walks of life. Here are more reasons for learning the English language if you live in Singapore.

1. It Expands Your Career Opportunities

Singapore is home to hundreds of multinational companies and organisations, which hire new employees from the pool of Singaporeans. Most international companies in the country use English as the official language instead of Mandarin or any other local dialect. Therefore, a strong grasp of English gives you a favourable competitive edge over others vying for the same position. Therefore, you may consider taking a class and encouraging your children to take English courses for kids to increase their chances of landing their dream job in future.

2. It is the Leading Language on the Internet

English is the most common language among Internet users despite Mandarin being the most widely spoken language in the world. Statistics also show that 50% of the information on the Internet is written in English. Therefore, you may want to learn English if you intend to remain updated with the current trends happening in the world.

3. English is the Official Business Language

You may consider learning English if you want to remain competitive in Singapore’s business market. There are many international companies in the country, meaning that you are highly likely to enter into business with any one of them. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand the global marketplace as well as present trends in the business world. Most of these trends are found in international newspapers and websites that are mostly published in English.

4. You Get to Have Unlimited Fun

Over 50 countries all over the world use English as their native language, so you will not experience any problem while communicating with most locals if you visit one of these countries. You are also highly likely to get someone speaking in English in most countries that you visit hence making your travelling more enjoyable. The fact that you can understand all the aeroplane announcements and traffic signs on the road is enough to make your travelling as exciting as possible.

5. Increase Your Chances of Studying Abroad

Every student wishes to get admission to one of the most popular universities in the world such as Yale, Oxford and Harvard. Most of these universities require proficiency in both written and spoken English for you to gain admission. Therefore, if your child has a dream in studying in one of these famous universities, English lessons for kids would be necessary.


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