Why Fluent English Speakers Will Always Be in Demand

There will always be a large number of English speakers in the world. The number of people with English as their second language shows the popularity of the language. It is the only language recognised by all prominent global institutions. Though Mandarin is more widely used than English, some global institutions do not recognise it as their official language. Mandarin is mostly used in Asia, but English is used in almost every continent and country in the world.

Countries are increasingly encouraging English learning. The economies of Asian nations are booming, but English still holds a role of a global language. Therefore, it is vital for you to build strong foundations for your children by enrolling them in english lessons for kids. You are preparing them to take up the numerous opportunities available to English speakers. The following are reasons why English will always be in demand.

1. Business and academia lingua franca

Most global business organisations recognise English as an official language. Therefore, if you want to remain relevant in the corporate sector, English should be on your radar. In academics, English is widely used by institutions as their official language, for reports or research papers. Understanding English means that you will be exposed to a vast amount of information.

2. Employment opportunities

Children and adults who have studied English are better placed in the job market. Consequently, this trend has attracted many people to learn English as their second language. More and more people understand the importance of language in landing a good job with global opportunities.

3. Globalisation and urbanisation

Shifting from rural to urban cities has become a common trend in many parts of the world. Therefore, people need a common language to communicate. Because English is one of the most popular languages, many people will enrol for English classes to better adjust to urban cities.

4. Multilingual necessity

It is no longer enough to only speak a single language. People are learning new languages to increase their potential scope of business, education or job opportunities. For example, though Mandarin is the language that is spoken by most people in the world, the number of Chinese who speak English as a second language is over 300 million. The statistics show why people are learning English as a second, third and even fourth language. Most countries make it compulsory to learn English, which means the demand will probably increase as more countries embrace it as a second language.

The demand for fluent English speakers will keep rising. In education, business and corporate sectors, English is often used as the official language. English, being the second most widespread and spoken language, will only gain more popularity as more and more people enter the globalised workforce.


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