What You Need to Know Before Enrolling in an English Class

Finding an English class to enhance your language skills is mandatory if you plan to study abroad. You can find a variety of institutions offering English language courses, but you need to find the right one, and for that, keep reading!

1. Look for an Accredited Institution

Make sure your English language school is accredited both by international and national bodies. This ensures that their standard of teaching is high. Go to their website and check for the accreditation. A good and reputable institution will have multiple prestigious endorsements and accreditations, ensuring they’ll provide the best experience possible.

2. Make Sure the Teachers is Qualified

The instructors play a vital role in enhancing your English language skills, and for this reason, it is important that you check their credentials. Are they fluent in the language themselves? Teacher’s qualification is important and you really need to make sure you ask about it. An institution’s website will often have the list of teachers and their qualifications so be sure to look through.

3. Check the Maximum Size of the Group

Although some students prefer smaller groups for language classes as they are likely to learn faster in smaller groups, there are some language classes that accommodate a large number of students. So, make sure you check this before you enrol in the language course. The ideal number of students should be around 6 to 10, anything more than this is considered large, and is not good for learning because the teacher won’t be able to give individual time to the students. Smaller size language schools are more expensive, but they also are more effective, so always consider going for them.

4. Inquire about the Facilities

When learning a language different kinds of materials are used for learning and so it is important that you ask the school as to what facilities will be provided to the students to enhance their learning. Some schools make use of computers or a library. While other schools make use of relaxation areas with books, TV room to make the environment comfortable for the students.

5. What Format Will Be Used to Teach the Language?

The language schools usually have a varied format of teaching the language. Although all the language schools make use of exercises, reading, and conversation to teach the language. Therefore, check on what style suits you best before enrolling to an English language course in Singapore.

6. Evaluation of Progress

Finally, do not forget to ask how your progress will be assessed. Will there be homework to complete? Do they offer tests, assignments, and examinations at regular intervals? Will you be given any kind of certificate at the successful completion of the program? Some schools provide an initial test that will check your level of the English language, and place you according to that. Make sure you check for this too before applying to any language school.


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