What Are The Benefits Of Having An IELTS Accreditation?

Singapore is home to some of the top universities in the world. The Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore are renowned for quality and have consistently topped rankings in the region. Nonetheless, many Singaporeans seek opportunities to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This is not due to a lack of quality back at home but, they want to position themselves as global leaders in a borderless, digital economy.

Some of the popular courses that Singaporean students pursue include cybersecurity, media and animation, and Business Analytics and Digital economy. A key criterion for admission to universities in these countries is proficiency in English. Universities in English speaking jurisdiction recognize IELTS tests as sufficient for their requirements for communicating in English. There are many benefits of attaining an IELTS accreditation. Here’s a look at these benefits and why you should enrol for an IELTS course in Singapore.

It is Widely Accepted and Accessible

As we have mentioned, IELTS tests are accepted in universities across all English speaking jurisdictions in the world. This translates to over 9,000 universities and colleges in countries such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and many more. Moreover, with more than 1,000 test centres spread across more than 140 countries worldwide, IELTS tests are widely accessible.

Immigration to English Speaking Territories Is Easier

The main focus of IELTS courses is to equip learners with skills to enable sufficient comprehension of the English language. The test does grade your competency level from a modest user to an expert user. This is not just a matter of getting a good grade in an exam, it is about enhancing your competency in communication. An IELTS accreditation does not just make it easier for you to go through the government red tape when migrating to an English speaking territory, it prepares you for interactions with English speaking communities.

A Requirement for College Admission

There are two categories of IELTS tests: IELTS academic and IELTS general training. IELTS academic has more emphasis on academic reading and writing and is widely accepted by institutions worldwide. A top band achievement in IELTS academics will not only open doors to major universities, but it will also give you a better chance at admission to prestigious universities.

Boosts Employment Chances with Multinationals

Multinational organizations such as Google, Twitter, and Apple Inc. are known for having diverse leadership. A key criterion for recruitment at such a top-level is your ability to communicate in English. Proficiency in English is also required for registration with some professional bodies. This means that you must be familiar with the English language beyond the classroom level where you can conduct business negotiations as well as review documents in English.

Your best chance of attaining such a level of competency is by signing up for an accredited English course in Singapore. You may want to go for it alone but, attending it solo will make you prone to delays and the constant influence of Singlish. To conclude, signing up for the IELTS course will make you proficient in English and sets you up for acceptance in the global market.


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