Understanding the Different Stages of English Language Learning

Understanding the Different Stages of English Language Learning

Taking English Courses in Singapore

The easiest way to comprehend English fluently is to take an English course. Beginners, classified as non- English speaking or those barely speaking fluent English can benefit from attending an English class. Businesses operating in Singapore are consistently looking for workers who can speak, read, and write English proficiently. The majority of business people making transactions in Singapore is English speaking. Therefore, individuals wishing to pursue a job in a demanding industry, or want to visit an English speaking country, should consider pursuing higher levels of learning, before making such a trip. Schools are available throughout Singapore, and the staff welcomes anyone who wants to improve their English or learn to speak fluent English.

Beginner Learner

Many foreign visitors and non- English speaking allies start at this level. The task of learning to speak English fluently, at this stage is challenging. Nevertheless, teachers that are fluent in the English language, offer extensive help to beginners, who may be having difficulties with pronunciation or vocabulary meanings. In some languages,  and countries, the same word have a different definition, and it may be used in a sentence entirely differently. The beginning stage is vital for individuals without the basic concept of the English language. At the basic level, simple words, are used, and learners begin to implore short one syllable words or short phrases in their conversation.

Intermediate Learner

At this level to Learn English in Singapore, students can comprehend Basic English, and engage in short conversations. Learners are also familiar with non- verbal cues, and gestures, which are repetitive. Learners are just beginning to identify the main ideas in passages, and can write simple thoughts and make brief entries in a journal. At the intermediate level, learners rely on written and visual aids to help in their comprehension of complex words and meanings. The high end intermediate learner, have more extensive knowledge of contextual meaning, and can write multiple sentences, paragraphs, letters, and creative passages. Thoughts are better organized, and fewer errors are made while learning English.

Advanced Learner

Learners at the advanced level of learning can expect daily communication and interactions among English speaking individuals. Conversations are long, writing English become easier, and taking tests in English is demonstrated with practically no errors. This is the level business professionals and anyone who wishes to learn how to speak, read, and write English wants to be.






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