The Top Qualities of an English Language School

Want to be fluent in speaking, writing and communicating in English? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best options for your child to learn English in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a learning course for adults, or you’re looking for English lessons for kids, you will need to list up all the essential qualities which a learning institution must have.

Here are just some of the top qualities which you must look for in an English school:

Comprehensive courses for kids and adults

In any level you or your child may be at, it would be crucial for your potential school to have all the available courses you’ll need.

For instance, if you’re looking for some English lessons for kids some of the courses which would be great for your little one to take up would be Level-based lessons, IELTS, TOEFL and PSLE. Accreditation and recognition should give your child the head start he or she will need to secure a spot, should you intend to send him or her to study abroad.

If you yourself are looking for ways to enhance your communication skills in English, you may opt to take a Private English Course. This way, you may have a customised set of lessons and take them up at the most convenient schedules possible. You can also opt for group based classes so you may have the chance to interact with other learners, should you want to test out your English speaking and writing prowess.

Consider your teachers’ credentials

As you enrol your child to have English lessons for kids, a major part of his or her learning success will depend on the language proficiencies of the tutor. Be sure to check the instructors’ qualifications, as it would be a plus for the teachers to have a Diploma in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

You may also want to check the teachers’ educational background and teaching experience, since these can be told of what may be learned out of the course’s sessions.

Read up on their syllabi

You’ll also have a better idea about the quality of your lessons, through reading up on the institution’s syllabus. While it’s a definite plus to have native speaking, English trainers in your midst, it would be also necessary to check whether your topics and lesson details will be accredited by internationally known, English based institutions. One of them would be the Oxford University.

Convenience of learning location

Despite the busyness of your daily schedule, it’s always necessary to make time for learning and personal growth. Hence, it’s also a plus for your English school to be within reach. It should be easy for you to attend classes, so all you’ll be focused on for the next few hours of everyday, would be to imbibe and apply the language in practical situations.

These are just a few of the qualities which you must look for, be sure to list your other requirements, so you can find the most fitting English language school in Singapore soon.


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