Tips to Pass Your IELTS Exam With Flying Colours

Exams tend to be scary endeavours, and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is no exception. Preparation can be a very stressful task filled with uncertainties, fears and all sorts of questions. But as with anything, there are some things you can do to make your road to the exam a little bit easier. We have gathered eight tips that will set you on a path to high scores in your IELTS.

1. Don’t stick to the IELTS test, cultivate a general interest in the English language

The ielts in singapore is somewhat specific as it only focuses on certain areas of English. It is true that you can focus on those topics to have a fair idea of how the exam might come. But that is not effective. It is better to have an interest in English in general and not just the specific topics covered by the IELTS.

2. Shun procrastination
Nothing beneficial ever comes from procrastination, and this can be particularly crippling with the IELTS. It does not help to panic and try to swallow up as much content as you can at the last minute. Give yourself enough time to prepare and practice English.

3. Practice out loud
When you practice, it helps to say English words, phrases and sentences out loud. Humans have different forms of memory. Saying the different words out loud can help you remember different words and phrases for your exams.

4. Take timed practice tests
It is easy to think you are progressing when you give yourself unlimited time to complete a task. But when the exam comes, you will be required to do everything within a specific length of time. Do the same thing with your practice. Make sure you time yourself to mimic exact exam conditions.

5. Understand the IELTS format
The IELTS in Singapore follows a specific format. As you prepare for it, it helps to make yourself familiar with the exam structure. It has four parts: writing, reading, speaking and listening. Before the test, make sure you know what is involved in each of these categories.

6. Do not memorise; learn
There is a difference between learning and memorising. When it comes to the IELTS, merely memorising words, phrases, and sentences will not help you. You will find yourself lost if you only memorise past questions for your upcoming test. Instead, try to understand the rules of grammar behind the answers instead of just blindly embedding them in your memory.

7. Find an English Course
If you are serious about this, you will have to find an english course in singapore. A good course can make the difference between success and failure. The truth is that it is not just a matter of practising. Your practice has to be done correctly, or else it will all be a waste of time. A course can help you approach your training in a more structured manner.

8. Expose yourself to proper English media
In the time leading up to your IELTS in Singapore, expose yourself to media that uses proper English. BBC News is great for this but so are many other programs offered in English. Try to mix text, video and audio material. This will further reinforce your memory and knowledge of different words.


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