The Importance Of Learning English As Early As Possible

Learning English in Singapore, and other countries have become a crucial part of every education.

Many school curriculums include English as a second language and children as young as 2 years old start English lessons in school or language centres.

Even though you might not speak English at home or with your friends and family, here are 7 reasons why it’s essential for you to learn English and enrol in English courses in Singapore as early as possible.

1. Most frequently spoken language

Being the official language of 53 countries, makes English the most widely spoken language on earth, by far.

According to a 2016 survey by, over 1.5 billion people use the English language. With approximately 380 million individuals use English as their first language, while others use English as a second language.

If you’re living in an Asian or Middle Eastern country, your English proficiency level may be lower than in European countries. Hence, it is imperative to learn English.

About one out of every five people can use English conversationally. This is especially true when you’re trying to make conversation with a stranger and will speak in English compared to another language.

Therefore, take up English conversation courses because they are sure to light up the path for you!

2. Professional growth

When trying to find a job abroad, you’ll find it very beneficial to be proficient in English.

Most multinational corporations’ interviews are in English, and so are their businesses. From conference calls to emails, contracts etc.

Learn English at a Singaporean English centre to get a head start in any business including the Tourism, Aviation, Science and Computer business.

3. English Entertainment

Some of the best movies are in English!

Reading subtitles of a Hollywood blockbuster doesn’t quite achieve the same effect as losing yourself in a film when you fully understand it.

Additionally, some of the most famous books are written or translated into English, and so are renowned TV shows and songs.

4. Easy to learn

Unlike Mandarin, Arabic or Japanese, English has a very simple alphabet structure consisting of 26 letters and 44 phonetic sounds.

If you are taking up English courses in Singapore, you will find out first-hand how easy it can actually be.

5. Internet

The internet is a massive network, gathering information and knowledge. With most websites written in English, you’ll be able to obtain a lot of interesting facts from it.

You also can participate in discussions and give your input on different topics or simply communicate with other English-speakers online.

6. Studies

Most universities offer various study programs and courses in English. If your English is at a higher level, you will have more academic opportunities that fit your interests and abilities.

Learning English in Singapore as soon as possible will make you more competent when writing essays and studying for the exams. You could also join English speakers from all over the world in study groups.

7. Enjoyment

English is a fun language to learn. Especially with the different unique expressions that are different from other languages. Also, being a widely spoken language, there is a plethora of different accents and dialects!

Get to know the different cultures through English, as it can be exciting yet satisfying.

Don’t delay anymore. Start learning English today!


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