The Importance Of Learning English As A Foreign Language

In today’s world where globalisation and mobility are highly promoted, learning English as a foreign language is of a remarkable advantage. English is the world’s 2nd most spoken native language as it is spoken by about 400 million people across the globe, other than being the official language of around 53 countries. It is the language of computers & sciences, in other words, we can say that it is the language of modern and upgraded technology. Being the most widely used language for research and scientific journals, most of the scientific research work is principally published in the English language.

English is emerging as one of the most popular languages in the world, where all other native languages are disappearing and losing their essence. It has attained the status of the Business language. The businesses across the boundaries use English for communication between the borders and among their workforce which creates an ocean of opportunities.

English in Communication

Knowing English means being able to express yourself in a fluent and smooth way so that ideas are expressed in an orderly and more precise form before native English-speaking audience. This can also encourage us to assimilate and understand the ideas being demonstrated by other people; news broadcasted on radio or television, as well as the text published in the newspaper.

Scientific research proved that by learning English or any other language, in general, generates certain stimuli in the brain that enhance our capacities to respond to other areas as well. This response enables us to improve our problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, critical thinking or mental ability. If determining and displaying your natural idiomatic abilities is havoc for you, learn English and eradicate this problem.

Communication plays a vital role in an individual’s success and career growth. Therefore, learning English can increase their opportunity of getting employed in multinational companies across the world, and it can be said that English makes you more desirable to employers.

English in Entertainment

Living in a world where endless means of entertainment and fun are constantly being offered, learning English will enable access to countless works of entertainment and will have a better cultural understanding. It is the official language of the biggest media industries, therefore if you know English, then reliance on translations or subtitles for understanding the content can be minimised. Access to world’s finest and richest literature of all the languages that are being translated into English becomes much easier only by learning English; therefore, you don’t have to learn multiple languages to know more about other cultures and civilisations.

English on the Internet

English has always dominated the internet, even today as per the estimates more than 50 per cent of all the web content is narrated in English. Knowing English means that access to the top 10 million websites of the internet becomes possible and you can explore the world of internet and can reap its benefits to the fullest. English is the dialect of socialising and international communication. There are even English courses in Singapore that are available online!

English has now gained a status of global lingua franca, where lingua franca means a language which two people, from different dialects, used to communicate with each other. It is one of the captivating languages to study as it is changing every day at a fast pace that motivates a large number of students in Singapore to learn English.


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