The Best English Language Programmes in Singapore

Childhood is the most beautiful time to learn any language and kids would speak without an interfering accent. However, parents should do proper homework on the lessons they would want for their children. The lessons focus on vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, speaking, listening etc. A placement test is always done to help place the child in the appropriate English class. Below are some of the best English lessons for kids.

English for Kids (Spring).

It is a short-term English programme specially designed to improve kids in their skills of reading, speaking, writing and listening. The course is mainly for children between seven to fifteen years of age. It is also interesting to know that all tutors are native speakers as this will facilitate children’s learning when they hear from those who speak it as their first language. The course topics include listening, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, reading, writing and other activities.

English for Kids (Summer).

The target age is the same as for the course described above. It focuses on general English skills involved in reading, speaking, writing and listening. Students are trained with practical English expressions for real life situations in order to function in the academic, work and social environment. The course also includes topics related to sporting and outdoor activities, naming of body parts, answering questions about one’s self and lots more.

SMART English (Junior)

Certificate in Intensive English Course is a great course for students who are preparing to be admitted into schools in Singapore while the English Language is the second language. The course prepares them for the daily usage of functional English for a happy and wonderful academic experience.

SMART English

The Certification in Intensive English Programme is a course for older kids, specially designed to further equip them with a deeper knowledge of the English language. The choice from General or Academic English can be made, and solid English foundation can be built in all aspects. 

ESL Kidstuff

Another lesson that provides so much fun in the English Language learning for your kids. The lesson contains downloadable songs, craft sheets, worksheets, flashcards etc that would help the child learn the language quickly.

English 4 Kids

A compilation of online English lessons for little children up to the primary school levels. It comprises Online English lessons for Children, Animated English lessons, Phonics game and videos online, Kindergarten Video English lessons and Lessons for Grade One to Six kids. This is an amazing lesson pack because it can be learnt by the kids at home. It requires little or no additional effort by parents or tutors.

These lessons are considered to be valuable lessons to help your child learn and improve in the usage of English language until mastery is gained. It is quite easy to expose your kids to the English language learning because of the influence of the language on daily activities in Singapore.


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