Professional English Language Courses to Polish Your Fluency

Business owners that would thrive in the country must be able to communicate skillfully in the English Language. English courses in business are specially designed and structured in such a way that can assist professionals who manage businesses in the country. The courses are catered for professional individuals who need to learn the specialised business language. The levels of the course could be the elementary, intermediate or advanced. The courses focus on enhancing the professionals’ communication skills in the world of business.

What Professionals Can Expect in These Courses

The students are equipped to speak confidently during business presentations, to ask questions or give answers, they are also trained to be skilled in writing business emails and to communicate effectively with clients or business partners in several parts of the world on the telephone and even in person. The course also inspires them to effectively air their opinions and to contribute meaningfully at business meetings.

They are also provided with the privilege to relate with native English speakers on diverse topics relating to business and every other business activity. This on its own will further strengthen and reinforce the foundation of students in business communication skills that will make them successful in the business environment.

Professional English Courses are tailored in a professional manner. The courses are structured to focus on the communication skill required for a particular job whether in the non-corporate industry or a corporate one. Some examples of the several English courses that can be taken are Travel and Tourism, Technology, Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, Transportation and Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Public sector and Government, Utilities and Energy, and many more.

Courses for professional services are also offered especially English for commercial law and Medical English. The courses aim to train professionals in presentation and negotiation skills. The overall effect is that professionals are able to communicate effectively in English.

Courses Available for Professionals to Enrol In

An example of these courses is Kaplan’s Intensive Business English Course is a strictly full-time course structured to help professionals gain mastery in using business language skills. The course contains lessons with flexible schedules which means that professionals are required to be committed to the learning and they will produce amazing results.

The British Council Singapore offers two distinct classes for professionals who are learners of business English language. The classes are BEST (Business English Skills Training) and Communication course. BEST is a course structured especially to suit working professionals who want to enhance their command of Business English language at their workplaces.

There are three levels in the course with the focus adjustable to suit individual professional needs which could be grammatical, writing skills or speaking or pronunciation. The Communication Course runs for three months and helps students to further develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The courses enumerated above are some of the best business English courses in Singapore with the professional touch. The overall goal is to help professionals improve in their communication skills both the professional environment and outside of it.


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