Live Abroad Comfortably By Learning A New Language At Home

To many, being able to move to another country is the dream. Apart from being able to immerse in a foreign country and its quirks, one might even stumble into a new job opportunity! This change, unlike many others, is an exhilarating temptation.

To fully enjoy yourself in a foreign country, you’d need to be adaptable. After all, this country has not and will not abide by the rules that you’re familiar with back in your country. Part of being adaptable requires you to pick up their language as it is the basis of all the communication you’d be making there. It’d be hard landing a job or applying for an apartment lease if the only few words you know are greetings.

To help you out, here are a few effective steps you can take to better grasp the foreign language in a shorter period!

Set An Objective

Every plan has an objective you wish to reach and it’s the first step to producing any productive plan. Apart from the logistics such as your accommodation, your schooling/career options and citizenship amongst many others, you will need to plan your language fluency level. You will need to decide how fluent you wish and need to be when you do reach the said country and the next steps to reach that stage.

This, of course, will need to take your reasons of your move and the plan of activities thereafter in consideration. It wouldn’t be wise to head over to the country for a business opportunity when you only have an elementary grasp of the foreign language. Thus, you will need to prepare yourself before you eventually move. Perhaps, you’ll have to pick up an English online course before you head down England.

Take Up A Language Class

On that note, you may want to consider enrolling in a language class. These classes will not only guide you in learning the foreign language, but they will also sprinkle knowledge about the country and its culture. These classes may very well be the first step to introduce you to the country.

Such classes are especially important if you need to produce a proof of your fluency. For instance, enrolling in an IELTS course will gift you a certificate upon completion, which will prove that you have a good grasp of the English language.

Make International Friends

Whilst it may not be as formal as language classes, making international friends is imperative to your language growth. They will be your teachers, especially when it comes to informal speech. It might give them an opportunity to learn English as well! They can help you practice on a daily, as opposed to a class you attend twice a week. Furthermore, they are your guides to due processes, lifestyle and places. If you need help, they’d be the first group that can help you. Thus, ensure that you have a group you can depend on when settling into your new home. Go out to meet them or simply use the Internet and applications, anything works!


Moving to another country is always exciting but be sure to be meticulous when planning! Make wise decisions that will eventually lead you to abundant opportunities. Especially seeing as how you only have a vague idea of the systems in place and the country in general – not as much as a native, anyways – you will need to do tons of research before making a decision. It’s an exhausting process but you’d thank yourself for it.

As previously mentioned, language is an essential component in your plan. Due to the pandemic, most businesses have moved online as they close their retail stores to help curb the spread. Similarly, language classes have gone online as well so you don’t need to halt your preparations whatsoever!


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