Learning English with patience, determination and good schools

Learning English with patience, determination and good schools

Learning English in Singapore requires patience, determination, good schools and great teachers. Today’s classrooms are not merely traditional buildings in which millions of graduates are accustomed. Learning takes places in professional English Language schools in Singapore, where the objective is to teach the foundation of English, using correct grammar and vocabulary.

In Singapore, hundreds of non-English speaking residents can acquire great jobs through learning English. Schools in Singapore offer an effective English Course for students with limited English. The concept of learning and teaching English falls into the hands of individuals who are uniquely positioned to teach at every level of English.

To Learn English Singapore Educators Should Remember and Follow These 4 Rules:

Increase Personal Knowledge of Primary and Secondary Language Acquisition

Knowledge is power. Educators with increased knowledge become more effective in the classroom, and better able to assist English learners.

Encourage Students to SWRL Every Day- Every Class

The more time students spend practising speaking, writing, reading and listening to English, the better they become at mastering the language. Teachers should encourage these four skills every day, and in every classroom setting.

Use Authentic Manipulates and Visuals

Develop a system that enhances and complements the achievement students make. Use photos, postcards, travel guides, menus, and video clips to enhance students’ understanding of contextual meanings and concepts.

Engage in Support of English Lessons Singapore Assessments

Use informal and formal methods to properly assess how a student’s English is progressing, and use all available resources on-hand.



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