Learning English in Singapore

The importance of English in Singapore

English is the official business language in Singapore. All business transactions are done in English. As the citizens of the nation which is developing at a mind blowing speed, it is crucial to learn English in Singapore. It is not enough to merely stutter a few words of English here and there and string a few words together and call it a sentence. It is vital to master English at an intermediate level in all the four aspects, namely, speaking, listening, writing , and reading so as to be able to contribute actively to the development of the nation.

English Explorer – one of the best English language schools in Singapore

There are many English language centers in Singapore providing English language lessons. The English Explorer is making the cut as one of the best in Singapore. The English Explorer is a one-stop center when it comes to learning English in Singapore. We have it all under one roof. This gives us an edge over the other English Language centers in Singapore.

Adult English courses

We have adult English courses for those who want to brush up certain aspects of their English language or for those who are taking their first step to master the English language. We offer private English course, small English group class, conversational English, and business English. We cater to the needs of each student individually.

Children English courses

As for children English courses, we have English lessons for kids, IELTS courses, TOEFL courses, PSLE courses, GCE O level English, and GCE A level English. Classes for kids are conducted in small groups and for those who require extra attention, private classes are conducted as well. Each student is approached based on their reception towards the lessons and the main aim is for them to be proficient English language users.

Quality matters

It is to be noted that our English course syllabus is accredited by University of Oxford and we have native English Trainers to maintain a quality similar to that of native English language.


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