Is learning English going to be more difficult for adults?

Is learning English going to be more difficult for adults?

Learning is a process that never ends throughout the lifetime of one. So if you feel that your English proficiency is insufficient to be on par with the demands of the market, why limit yourself and stop improving? We might always be told that it is going to be difficult for adults to achieve native-like fluency in speaking because it is difficult to change one’s accent. But that is not all to a language! English is so much more than the accent itself. If we look closer into it, adults have a greater leverage over children in learning. These are the few reasons why.

1. Adults are able to cope with memorising better

Adults are relatively more disciplined to learn something regularly compared to a child or teenager. They are also able to find patterns that can help them memorize new words and the change of forms in English. Given this, not only can they learn independently, they will also improve much faster if they seek out help from English language schools or English tuition centers.

2. Adults have a well-developed vocabulary in one or more languages

Never thought this would be a bonus for learning English? Well, now you know. When we are learning abstract terms and concepts in English, we could easily borrow the existence of the word or concept from other languages to aid understanding. Adults can relate their existing knowledge of the world to their learning of English very quickly.

3. Adults have a big social circle

What does that have to do with adults learning English? Well, the more people we know, the more we get to practice. The English speaking community is pretty widespread as people speak English all over Singapore. For starters, the language used in conversations might be broken, but we have the practice field ready for us to apply what we have learnt.

English Explorer Singapore offers two types of English classes for adults: business English course and conversational English course. You can also choose from one-to-one learning or a small group class. Tailored to meet adults’ busy working schedule, classes are rather flexible. Give yourself a chance to discover your language learning potential and never stop improving.


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