Key Differences Between General English and Business English

English, being widely used worldwide as a language for communication, has become the lingua franca in businesses for many years already. Learning a second language results in stronger communication skills leading to improved understanding and trust when it comes to dealing with people in various fields.

However, did you know that general English and business English have been distinguished apart? Aside from the fact that general English is commonly used for day to day conversations, business English is learned and used for specific purposes.

The difference also between the two kinds of English as forms of communication is the purpose of why people are learning the language. Business English is considered to be the advanced form of the language and is regarded to be focusing deep within its vocabulary to practice analysation of various content and topics.

Many business English classes in Singapore offer courses that stress out the key differences among the two types of English as forms of communication. While we are at it, below are some other differences between the two to help you distinguish their uniqueness and to enable you to decide on which type of English lessons to take.

Level of Focus

One key difference when it comes to differentiating general English to business English is their specificity. People who learn general English usually stay on the same level as the others while those who learn business English advance further to acquire relevant skills and techniques. Commonly, people who learn business English apply these learnings on certain levels to test their new knowledge and ability.

Different Terminologies

As termed business English, people who desire to learn this specific communication skill must expect the use of certain terminologies that tells it apart from general English. Such terms are of course related to business and industry where he or she needs to put his or her focus on. On the other hand, people who learn general English might not find the need to learn specific terms since they are only required to use words that are purely conversational and basic.

The Difference in Purposes

General English and business English serve different purposes. General English focuses more on the day to day conversation and involves the use of basic vocabulary and grammar. It leans more on a casual tone. On the other hand, business English is more extensive and specific. It is mainly used as a language tool for business, as it is applied in a more professional context. Learning business English can be empowering for individuals who aim for their professional growth, it also helps in enriching one’s personal development which may lead to opening door for new opportunities.

While both are kinds of English language as forms of communication, the approach and objectives of these two widely vary from each other. The approach for the general English leans more on the basic, conversational, day-to-day use of words, while business English is a systematic and complex mode of speaking the said language.

It follows a more disciplined approach in order to deliver a professional way of speaking and conversation. You can also find out more by enquiring with Singapore’s SkillsFuture English Course instructors or visit a nearby business English course in Singapore.


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