The Impact of Multimedia Technology Learning on English Language

The Impact of Multimedia Technology Learning on English Language

There are a lot of challenges to education in the modern times. Important factors that contribute to such are the lack of staff, overpopulation, the various philosophies in education development, change of the academe’s role, and worst of all, the spread of illiteracy. This resulted to the development of teaching tactics in order to counteract and face these challenges for the betterment of learners. For the sake of educational productivity, teaching staff and academes all over the world turned to mainstream technology so learning English would be easier, especially in countries where English is not the mother tongue.

Using Multimedia Technology to Make this language learning Easier

Multimedia has become a field of its own and is used widely in the entertainment sector. What makes multimedia efficient is the fact that its main element is interaction? By incorporating technology by way of videos, sound cards, and other computer applications, multimedia has become an essential tool in education. In fact, many researchers believe that multimedia is one of the best techniques in teaching English because learners are encouraged to utilize both the hearing and sight senses. In the Business world today, we depend heavily on this intelligent gift from man kind.

Programs that multimedia provide in order to stimulate the learning process are the following:

Animation, Graphics, Music and sound, Spoken words, Still pictures; and Texts

Its Effect on the Learning the English Language

By utilizing the aforementioned programs, students are able to grasp the subject easier and learning English in Singapore is made more enjoyable. Its advantages do not benefit students but also, educators are able to use a more dynamic educational style as well. The usage of video clips and other presentations make information easier to remember and more realistic. In addition, adding sounds and music make the lessons more attractive by drawing the attention of students.

Multimedia, in essence, allows a simplified strategy to be applied – without sacrificing the quality of education – which in turn makes understanding a whole lot easier.



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