How could good English teachers change the way your child sees English

How could good English teachers change the way your child sees English?

Learning English is sometimes a daunting task for those who do not primarily speak English as their mother tongue. Not only are there so many tenses in English that we need to master using, English is also not spoken the way it is written! How do we cough out tough dough?

Same spelling endings, but totally different pronunciations for the three. What a rough life.

For this, we need professionally trained language teachers to guide these second language users out of their confusion and show them the wonders of the world of the English language. Learning first starts with passion, and passion is what drives dedication. There are three things that we look for in a good English teacher.

1. They should instill the love of learning in your child

Quoted from William Arthur Ward: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” The English teacher should inspire the students to change their attitude towards the language. Not just learning for scoring, but learning because they love it. What greater gift can a teacher give if not the self-driven motivation of oneself to have the desire to learn more in a language?

2. They should be proficient and knowledgeable in the English course

Children have a lot of curiosity and if they could, they would always want to know more. A good English teacher will not only explain the surface of the language, but will also delve deep into the development history of the language to provide the students a more thorough understanding of it. It might be hard learning the spellings of English because of its irregularities, but it would be much easier on the memory if there is an interesting story behind it.

3. They should possess flexibility in teaching different methods to the students

In Singapore, there are speakers from different language backgrounds that might not be able to grasp the concept of time as how the English do it, so the teacher plays an important role in bridging these perceptions of cultural difference. Besides, not all children learn and understand the world in the same way. Teachers may need a lot of tricks up their sleeves, meaning that they should have different ways in presenting the materials that they intend to teach to aid the students’ learning process.

If there is no proper guidance and encouragement from teachers, a child can easily give up on learning English properly. Therefore, parents should look for experienced English teachers who possess the qualities as mentioned above for their children. Believe in those who believe in learning English the fun way for children.



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