How A Language School Can Accelerate Your English Fluency

English has long been considered the most widely spoken language globally, and more and more people learn it with each passing day. With roughly 1.5 billion speakers worldwide, the language has assumed a dominant position in global communication. Hence, there is no doubt that being proficient in English will give you a competitive edge at school, work, or anywhere else.

With the right strategy, learning English is relatively easy. Compared to other languages, English has no cases, gender, word agreement and has a simple grammar system. With enough time and effort, anyone can master the English language in a short span of time. If you’re ready to begin your language learning journey, here are three reasons you should enrol in an English course in Singapore and how language schools can dramatically accelerate your progress.

1. The lessons are more organized

Learning English comes in many different parts. There are plenty of lessons about English that you need to study one by one, including grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation, spelling, and more. With this bulk of lessons that you need to tackle, it can prove difficult to know where to start and how to organize your language learning process.

By signing up for an English class, you’ll no longer have to worry about which topics to cover first and how to progress to the next one.

The language school will take care of everything, and all that’s left is for you to do your best and put in the effort required to attain your desired level of proficiency.

2. Reliable resources are available

Even though there are plenty of online resources for learning English, nothing beats those authored by experienced scholars and systematically created from the ground up for effective learning. Such books and resources typically fetch a high price on the market or are only available through language schools. As you may have guessed, going for the latter route is the easiest way to access the resources you need to master the English language effectively.

Aside from books and exercises, language schools will also prepare the appropriate reading and listening materials based on your level of proficiency that you can use to practice both your written and spoken English. Additionally, periodic exams will help test what you’ve learned and let you objectively gauge how much you’ve improved.

3. There is teacher supervision

Often, learning is made easier if someone is guiding you. Teachers who work in language schools are trained specifically for this job. They’re equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to make language learning easier and more exciting for you.

As everyone knows, different people learn in different ways. Some people learn best by reading and taking tests, while others prefer lectures and exercises. Language teachers know how to deal with students that have varying characters and different learning approaches. By enrolling in an English course, you can be sure that all your learning needs and preferences will be considered and used to your advantage.

4. Opportunities to converse with others

Studying is always more fun when it’s with other people. When you study on your own, it’s easy to get discouraged if you encounter a lesson that’s too challenging for you to understand. However, if you’re enrolled in an English class, you have your fellow students to provide you with encouragement and support whenever you struggle.

By studying in groups, not only will you get the benefits mentioned previously, but you’ll also have the opportunity to converse and practise your language skills with other English learners. Whether it’s to work on your grammar or pronunciation, your fellow students will always be there to give you a lending hand, even outside of class.


Language schools are necessary to help people learn new languages quickly and effectively. With their organized lessons, resources, and supervision, you can learn English easily in language classes. Although it is possible to learn English through self-study, enrolling in a language school allows you to swiftly acquire the fluency that you need to become competent in school or at work.

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