Four Great Benefits Of Knowing How To Speak In English

Most of the modern-day societies base their communication on language. There are other means of communicating like sign language and gestures; however, communicating in a common language is the most effective way of communication. There are different languages in the world, and some languages are more widely used than others, for instance, English. People who are aware of the benefits the English language brings are sure to learn it and enroll their children for English classes so that they can enjoy the benefits too.

The general benefit of speaking English is that it is the lingua franca, which means the common language around the world. Sixty-seven countries use English as their official language while 27 countries, on the other hand, embrace English as their official second language. With this in mind, you can tell the general benefit of learning English. If you know English well, or some bit of it, you can communicate freely in various places like at work, at school, in a foreign country or on the internet.

English for School

Students who are knowledgeable in English can study at any universities overseas, as long as English is the teaching language used. These students have the chance to excel in top universities around the world. The IETS is one good test to take up. IETS, which stands for International English Language Testing System, is an international English language proficiency test for study, work and migration. The IELTS results are acknowledged by over 10,000 organizations, including reputable educational institutions, employers, professional associations and governments, in 140 countries around the world. IELTS results are a good affirmation of one’s English language proficiency.

Studying in these top schools opens one opportunity for great jobs.

English for Work

Globalization is the current trend, thanks to the internet and technology at large. One can seek to work in a foreign country that uses English as their primary language, and most of these jobs offer good salaries and fine working conditions. Having good knowledge in English enables one to qualify for such opportunities. Knowing English also gives someone the ability to be able to work online. Many companies are now hiring people who know English to work for them online as long as they possess good English-speaking skills.

English for Travelling

Travelling is more relaxed when one knows English because it is the primary language spoken by many countries across the globe. Knowing English allows you to communicate freely with people from other countries when you travel. On the other hand, you may find it hard to do simple things like boarding a taxi, purchasing food, and paying for a hotel room, should you not be fluent in English. Besides, communications in most airports and apps use the English language. Therefore, it is definitely an advantage to learn the English language.


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