Exploring English language with English Explorer

The significance of English language

English language is undoubtedly the most significant language in today’s world. The globalization of this world has resulted in English being the lingua franca which connects people from all over the world. The notion that in order to be successful, one needs to master English language is widely accepted and agreed on.

The need to be highly proficient in English language is urgent and it is wise to start early. Kids should start their English lessons as soon as they can so that they can master the language and become highly proficient when they enter the competitive workforce. Being highly proficient in English language will result in opportunities from all across the globe.

English Explorer

We, the English Explorer are a professional English language school in Singapore. Our objective is to promote excellence in reading, writing, and spoken English. Our syllabus is accredited by the Oxford University and our teachers are native English teachers certified in TESOL and CELTA. We provide adult English classes and children English classes.

English lessons for kids are very crucial since young minds are better at learning new languages. They have the capability to understand and learn a new language at a faster rate compared to adults due to their brain development. Hence, it is advised to enroll children in English lessons for kids as soon as possible.

Our specialties

At English Explorer, we keep things interesting and happening to pique the interest of the kids throughout the English lessons for kids. We have role pays, Venn diagrams and projects to encourage active participation of children during the English lessons for kids.

We practice English Learning Trust Methodology where the teaching and learning process is heavily influenced by what the children love such as the incorporation of stories, songs, games, acting out, and crafting. These activities make students active in the class. This enables a better absorption of the lessons.

We also focus on building the confidence of students through all these well-planned activities during English lessons for kids. The things they learn at English lessons for kids at our centre areaimed to make them skillful in real life and not just on paper. Skills learned through the participation in all the activities will make them well-rounded and highly capable.

English lessons for kids at our centre are definitely a must to increase the English language proficiency of the children and prepare them for the challenging world.


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