English language should never become a barrier for communication

English language should never become a barrier for communication

Employers are able to speak fluently in English and communicate their requirements to the staff members effectively. But they get frustrated and irritated with people who are not able to express themselves properly in English. Employers tend to become over confident and snobbish. Employees on the other hand become under confident despite their expertise in a different area.

Please understand that English is just a language. Learning English language takes a lot of time, effort and patience. Just because we are unable to communicate effectively in English, does not mean we are not good at our jobs. Employers should not lose faith in the professional ability of their staff members because they do not know English.

Here is one simple yet effective step that employers can use to help their staff members express themselves properly in English:

Speak slowly:

Encourage all your employees to learn the basic words that are used regularly in their profession first. Ask them to use simple English words and frame short correct sentences while speaking in English. Be patient and kind to them. Treat them with respect at all times. Ask them to speak slowly and allow them to think and search for the right words. They may wish to communicate their thoughts accurately.  The word that they are searching for may elude them when they are speaking to you. Allow them to use gestures or draw a simple picture on a note pad with a pencil to express themselves.

Always keep in mind that a language is just a medium of communication – a very useful tool that they are trying to master.

Ask them to practice speaking in English with their colleagues/friends/family members etc.  Let them recreate the dialogue that they had with you at home and improve on the areas that they struggled with. Ask them to search for the elusive words and make a note of them in a book. Slowly they will be able to speak without hesitation.


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