Is English Grammar and Vocabulary Hard to Learn? | Knowing More Words and Phrases

Is English Grammar and Vocabulary Hard to Learn? | Knowing More Words and Phrases

The English language has been widely used all over the world. Other than the native speakers, this has become a second language for non-English speaking countries. Grammar and vocabulary are some of its most valuable features. These features are not only meant for memorizing, but also for using, processing and application.

To learn the said language may be a bit difficult due to their flexibility. But with proper education, person’s motivation, and availability of resources, learning English could be very easy.

English Grammar
Learning and improving one’s grammar does not have to be difficult. This is governed by a set of standard rules for easier application and better communication.

There are several resources available to help in the improvement of one’s grammar.
• Learn the basics of grammar such as parts of speech, points of view, proper word order, conjugate verbs and punctuations.
Practice grammar through reading various materials and writing journals or short stories.
• Avoid common mistakes by learning the difference of confusing words and punctuations.
• Find reliable sources through online resources such as lessons, tutorials and exercises.

English has been known to have one of the largest collections of words in the world. Unlike grammar, vocabulary is not governed by any fixed rules, thus making it harder to learn. However, few tips can be applied to improve and expand one’s vocabulary.
• Read magazines, newspapers and literary works to uncover new words.
• Keep a handy dictionary or thesaurus to look up the pronunciation and meaning of the newly uncovered word.
• Make a list of the newly encountered words for reference and easy recall.
• Practice using new words through writing and speaking.
• Use repetition exercises for familiarization of words.
• Download free apps involved in vocabulary learning and improvement.

Building and improving one’s language is deemed necessary for better communication. Keep in mind that there is no easy way in learning. But with proper guidance and helpful resources, everything can be possible.


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