Develop Your Child’s Proficiency In the English Language

Most parents believe that proficiency in English will give their children an upper hand in a highly competitive world. The role you play as a parent will shape the kind of speaker he or she turns out to be. The burden of early learning (2 to 5 years) falls on the parent or guardian.

The choices you make at this stage are sensitive and will determine your child’s future proficiency. As a parent, you must be at the helm, motivating and encouraging your child to be a fluent English speaker. Just how can you do this?

Choice of school
In Singapore, english lessons for kids are everywhere. You could be tempted to choose cheaper schools without finding out the ability of the institution to deliver. Inadequate teaching can lead to serious flaws when speaking or writing. Imagine the damage if your child does not understand tenses or sentence construction. Check out different schools and their respective reviews before enrolling your child in an English class in Singapore.

Learn the language
Your child will not understand the essence of a language you have not taken the time to learn. You can enrol in english conversation classes in singapore to encourage your child. Do not hinder your child’s English abilities. If you have enough knowledge of the language, you can and should take an active role in correcting his or her grammar. A child spends most of their time with the parents or siblings. Therefore, be at the forefront in developing the proficiency of your kid’s spoken or written English.

Language exposure
Teaching a language is different from exposing the kid to it. Watch or listen to English music, comics or news. Your child will listen and gain an understanding of the language at a tender age. The language used in these forms of entertainment is always top-notch, and your child will pick up what is said.

After you have heard a song, let your kid listen to it. Listening to it repeatedly will help it stick in their minds. If you have any native English speakers who are your friends, you can invite them to your home regularly. Immersion plays a critical role in language comprehension. Therefore, exposure to English media and speakers will play a vital role in helping your child master the language at an early age.

Integrate the language into the kid’s hobby
Look for an activity that excites your child. It could be the PlayStation, children’s games or online simulators. Ensure that these activities are set up and commanded in English. The kid may be lost for a few days but will eventually learn to. Through the integration, your child will learn new words or phrases.

You are the primary determinant of your kid’s ability to learn English. Classes for the ielts in singapore will not provide a comprehensive collection of skills. The first person to notice flaws in a kid’s grammar should be their parent. Teachers are bestowed with the responsibility of assisting several kids to learn. Therefore, it is difficult for them to monitor the progress of your kid as closely as you would want. Be actively involved in the process of teaching your child.


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