COVID-19 Compliant Activities To Boost Your English Skills

Due to the coronavirus, the Internet has become the only viable platform to keep the modus operandi functioning. In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, physical operations have temporarily ceased and moved to the digital space. The containment measures may have let up in some cases but for the most part, remote working is still favoured so as to safeguard the health of the individual and the public.

Now that you aren’t able to freely head down to your traditional English classes, you may be at risk of language attrition and lose the fluency and proficiency that you’ve worked so hard for. Not to worry, we’ve gathered a few COVID-19 compliant activities that will not only allow you to learn English online, but also brush up your existing language skills.

Be Under The Guidance Of Experts

The most straightforward approach is to, undoubtedly, enrol yourself in an online English course. One of the sectors that had to move over online is the education sector and institutions have managed to move their curriculum to the digital space. This gives you the flexibility of learning in the comforts of your home.

Being under the tutelage of an experienced teacher is important, especially those who are vying for the IELTS certification. This certification gives you access to schools and companies overseas, giving you more options should you wish to seek opportunities outside of Singapore. Teachers in these IELTS courses are well-versed on how the exams are conducted. Thus, if you’re looking to ace the IELTS exam, it’s best to be under the guidance of someone who knows it inside out.

Anything Is Possible With The Internet

Whilst it’s true the COVID19 containment measures have limited one’s movements, the Internet gives you the freedom to bypass such restraints! Start by sharpening your listening skills by listening to English audiobooks and podcasts. Since there are various genres to choose from, you’ll be able to pick up a multitude of ideas – and by extension, widening your vocabulary.

Practise your speaking and writing skills by connecting to native English speakers on the Internet. There are several communities and forums you can join whereby native English speakers and those who wish to brush up their skills can communicate and interact. It’ll also be a fun way to make new friends.

Games That’ll Challenge Your Vocabulary

If you’re tired of dry materials and wish to sprinkle a bit of fun in your learning, you can always consider playing online games! Platforms such as FluentU has word games such as hangman and fill-in-the-blank to teach you vocabulary that was introduced in their videos. Or you can go the traditional route and play scrabbles and charades with your family members and friends. These games will not only get your gears going, but you’ll earn a lot of laughs as well, especially if you play with others. So make a date and burn the midnight oil by gaming.

The pandemic has effectively and drastically changed our lives, and that has put a strain on our health – physical, mental and emotional. You can find a semblance of normalcy by picking up a lesson or two to once again grasp a sliver of control. Whilst you maintain good personal hygiene, do take the time to pay attention to your mental and emotional state as well.


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