Communicate Effectively in English

Ways to help your employees communicate effectively in English!

Yes, we all know that English is now a global language. Yes, the world is now indeed a global village and if all of us can communicate in a common language, it will simplify things to a very great extent.

But theEnglish language has gained so much importance only in the last decade or so. People around the world still struggle to master an alien language like English. While our businesses are now being conducted at a global level, we find it difficult to deal with business associates and staff members who are not good at speaking English.

Here are some ways to deal with the issue:

Use a dictionary while speaking:

All of us install a dictionary on our smartphones. Employees who are not good at speaking English should surely install a Singaporean to English or Chinese to English dictionary on their smartphones. During a conversation or a meeting, the employee may struggle to find the right word. What he is saying may be very important for all the other team members. All the employee has to do is to search for the word he is looking for in a language that he is comfortable with and find the English word for it. Simple, quick and very effective.

Employers should surely allow all their employees to use this wonderful tool on smart phones. The Employees feel very relieved when they are able to convey the message correctly to the entire team.

Interactive English learning sessions with an English expert:

If there are some people in the firm who have a good command in English, request them to interact with other employees who are still learning the language. If it is possible, please arrange short classes regularly with them. Just for 15 minutes. Even this is enough. They can clarify their doubts and share the communication problems with this expert. Employees will learn quickly with such direct interactive classes.

If this is not possible, they can have interactive personal learning sessions with other English teachers. Several online portals offer such options. One on one learning sessions can be held over Skype and over a smartphone these days. Encourage the employees to speak with such experts regularly for as little as 15 minutes in a day. If they write down all that they learned that day, the English expert could correct it using a tracker. When they see their grammatical mistakes, they will learn how to speak correctly the next time.


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