6 Reasons Why The IELTS Test is So Important

If you are planning to take your higher studies abroad, then the best thing you could do is apply, prepare and take the IELTS test before that. This is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used English language test that is accepted around the world. Don’t know if IELTS is important or if you should even take the test or not? Read this article to find out 6 reasons that will convince you why the IELTS is actually important.

1. Is Helpful for all Stages of Life

If you successfully complete the IELTS test then you can apply and study in an international school and college. IELTS is not only helpful for studying abroad, but if you plan to migrate to another English speaking country, you must have a certificate for IELTS that will be a proof that yes, you can communicate in English smoothly and proficiently.

2. Accepted all over the World

One of the best parts of the IELTS test is that it is accepted everywhere. One thing that makes it successful is the fact that in order to pass the test you have to follow a high-quality control criterion, which is actually a very good thing.

3. It Offers Good Training to Your Language Skills

By passing the IELTS test you will be ready to communicate with native English speakers in your day-to-day life. This test will evaluate you for the different parts of the English language, like speaking, writing, reading, and listening. IELTS also includes a live conversation with the invigilator and this is what prepares you for real-life situations.

4. Your Level of Language Proficiency

Each part of the test follows very strict criteria, thus ensuring that the results are reliable. The test follows a scoring band of 9, and many institutions will accept you as a student if your results are around 6 or 7. However, scores of less than 5 means that you might need to repeat the test.

5. Each School needs a different Score Band

Each institution requires a different score band from the IELTS. When you apply, you will be provided with a minimum score that you need to pass.

6. Two types of Tests

There are two types of IELTS; one is academic and the other is general training. For educational purposes, you need to go for the academic test. The latter is essential to land jobs and interviews.

However, if you still have not decided what you need the test for, go for the academic iteration since it is accepted and is the more useful choice.

Now that we have given you 6 reasons to opt for the IELTS test, look for a nearby institution in Singapore and enrol for the practice program today.


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