6 Don’ts For The IELTS Speaking Test

Before you sit for the IELTS in Singapore, you should know several things you should not be doing during the exam.

Do Not Memorise the Answers

Many think that memorising the answers to the oral test beforehand will help them to score well in the test. Do not do that, because the examiners will know what is memorised and what isn’t. They are professionally trained and can identify memorised answers immediately. If this happens then the examiner will deduct your marks and might ask you more difficult questions to know how proficient you actually are in the language.

Don’t Fret About the Examiner’s Opinion

When taking the speaking test, stop worrying about the opinion of the examiner. They don’t care what you think about so and so topic, they are there to test your English skills, not to know your opinion about the topic. Your focus should be to answer all the questions in a proper manner.

Stay Away From Big Words

Most students think that if they use complicated and big words in the test, they will get a high score. This can’t be more wrong. Have you ever seen native speakers use complicated words routinely in their daily life? No! Try to use a variety of words, but they shouldn’t all be long and complicated. And yes, you should know the meaning of all the words you use.

Don’t Use Overly-Complex Language

As mentioned earlier, don’t try to boost your sentences with complicated words. Let’s say you started off a sentence using complex vocabulary and convoluted grammar, and you got stuck in between because you don’t know the meaning of the word you just used. So, what’s the use of using such words in the first place? Don’t make a fool out of yourself and use only the words you know the meaning of.

Arrive Early

You should arrive early so that you know where in the examination center your test will take place. Familiarise yourself with the setting, and get comfortable. Try to concentrate on the upcoming test and relax! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions before the test. Help is always available.

Stop Relying on the Examiner

Stop relying on the examiner to point out your mistakes. They are not there for that. They will notice each mistake you make and jot it down. It is your duty to take complete responsibility for your speaking test. So, think before you speak, do not blabber and yes, stay relaxed and look confident, even if you are totally void of confidence on the inside.

It is always better to practice for the IELTS beforehand. Look for an IELTS center in Singapore and enroll today if you plan to sit for the IELTS speaking test in the near future.


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