5 Steps To Note Of When Preparing For An IELTS Exams

The International English Testing System is a trusted English language testing system that has helped people in achieving their dreams. However, this achievement doesn’t come easy. It comes with a great deal of dedication and hard work.

If you have decided to take the IELTS exams, you need good guidance to assist you in your journey. The authenticity of your preparation will determine the kind of results you get. For a great result, you need to put in a good amount of work.

Understand the test method of the exam and how things have been going before you develop a strategy that will best enhance your skills. Depending on the time you will be sitting for the exams, you could set a term goal for yourself for about 1 or 2 months. All these are meant to keep you on your toes and to help you be more vigilant whilst preparing for your exams

A lot will be invested in these exams but you shouldn’t allow it to become a source of pressure. If you want to ace the exams you will need to improve your level of English, your language skills and get familiar with the mode of marking.

1. Make up your mind

Sometimes test takers get confused about which of the exams they should sit for. The academic section is for those who want to study in an English-speaking country and the general training is for those who want to live, work or school in an English speaking country. Your language skills will be tested in either one you choose.

2. Get familiar with the test format

The test has up to 5 steps which will include your language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. A different time is allocated to each step. So you would need to work on your speed and accuracy. The best way to improve this would be to watch English movies with subtitles and if you want to train yourself to listen to details better, you can try buying listening comprehension exercises to practice on.

3. Be realistic

Being realistic is about studying yourself. You should not set unrealistic goals which are horrendously hard to achieve. The best way to improve your skills is to know your strength and weaknesses, then you can set the scores you want to achieve. A good IELTS preparation course will help you get a band score of 8 or 9.

4. Improving your vocabulary

English vocabulary will be a big area of the exam. Your language skills of writing and speaking will be involved in this part. Which is why it is extremely important to increase your vocabulary. This can be done by spending some time each day to develop your vocabulary through reading and listening. With every new word that you find or hear, you can jot it down in a notebook and try to use those words when writing or speaking.

5. Practice makes perfect

Practising the English language every day can improve your language skill. There are several ways in which you can practise. You can try having good conversations in English with people that are fluent in the language. Try to discipline yourself to not speak in your native language whilst preparing for the exams as they can hinder your fluency.


Finally, you need to understand the marking scheme and the question types. Make sure you are ready for the exams by being perfect in your IELTS skills. Your speed is also needed in the exams. Take no chances when it comes to preparing yourself as you would need all the advice and help you can get.

Purchase practice questions and tests if necessary. The test will help you know your current band score and point out areas that need more attention. Take tests from trustworthy sources and disregard untrue information. If you find it a hassle to do all these by yourself, you can always sign up for English courses in Singapore and you will definitely receive experienced help to ace your exams.


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