5 Activities To Be Productive During The Circuit Breaker

Optimisation of productivity has always been the end goal. Many individuals are finding ways to make better use of their time, especially now that they are spending the majority of it within the comforts of their own home.

Due to the circuit breaker measures, many are trying to do recreational activities not just to pass the time, but to enjoy a semblance of normalcy during such a challenging time. If you are looking for activities to do in your spare time during circuit breaker, here are a few you may want to consider!

1. Take An English Course

Use this opportunity to brush up on your English proficiency and fluency! Apart from enrolling in an online English course, you can improve your English skills by reading more books or listening to more English podcasts! Since proficiency and fluency are more than just reading or listening, remember to engage in the writing and speaking aspects as well. Delegate 30 minutes of your day to pen down your thoughts in a journal and have a conversation with your friends and family members!

You can also look into pursuing your learning further by going for an IELTS course! Not only will you upgrade your skills, but you will also have the documentation to prove it! This certificate will offer you numerous opportunities, from getting into international universities to career advancement!  With an IELTS certificate, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the rest.

2. Study New Topics

If you’re one to gain pleasure from mere learning or improving, you can always dive deep into topics and subject matters that may have interested you but never had the time to explore. Now’s your time! Discover whether Socrates truly did commit a Socratic fallacy. Find out how Edward Snowden changed history with his damning account of an intelligence breach. Touch on every subject that might’ve tickled your fancy and challenge your understanding on topics you know little of. You’ll walk out of the circuit breaker feeling rather satisfied.

3. Flex Your Creative Muscles

Flex those creative muscles by having fun creating and engaging with art. Not only will you end up with a beautiful work you can admire once you’re done, but it also provides you with an avenue to decompress! With the abrupt changes caused by the pandemic and safety measures, anxiety and uncertainty may have increased your stress levels to a significant degree. Thus, free your mind and express your bottled up emotions on a new canvas!

4. Learn A New Recipe

Now that you aren’t able to eat out, your options are limited to deliveries and home-make foods. Since the former is less sustainable, both for the planet and your wallet, you may want to consider making your own dishes! Try out recipes you’ve never tried before or finesse your way through the kitchen. The choice is yours!

5. Your Health Takes Priority

As you stack activities on top of activities during this circuit breaker period, be sure to also take care of your health – be it physical, mental and emotional. The pandemic isn’t the only thing that we’re dealing with as of current. Spending the majority of the time at home actually does affect your emotional and mental psyche, and the terrible news isn’t helping either.

Thus, delegate a few hours away from the business and spend some time in silence. Detox yourself from overstimulation – whether it’d be from social media, news or even family members. Remember to also regularly navigate through your emotions and strive to feel comfort and content every single day. Remember, productivity is not synonymous to results and if you have no results to show for it, it’s fine! Your health takes priority in any situations, so leave some time and space to recalibrate.

Circuit breaker measures have also affected businesses, and like many others, we have moved our lessons over online. At English Explorer, we’re still committed to assisting you in your progress towards full proficiency and fluency levels even during such a difficult time. Learn English with us as you stay safe.


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