4 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Be A Better Online Student

Due to the novel coronavirus, businesses have since temporarily ceased their physical operations to move it online. It’s not only businesses either, but schools and other forms of institutions also have to do the same. You’re no longer allowed to attend traditional classes for safety purposes, lest the spread of the virus spikes up due to the increased contact frequency.

With that said, whilst virtual learning may need some getting used to, they can be just as effective as a traditional class – but only if you’ve done your preparations! So let’s dive into some of the ways you can prep yourself for an online class.

1. Get Tech Savvy And Organise

Having your lessons online means that you’d need to have a basic understanding of technology – this means being proficient of the software you’d be using, the know-hows of the video conferencing tools and the like. Though this sounds quite simple, unfortunately, many students may still come across technical difficulties at the start or during the class. This will ultimately cause one to lose precious time they could’ve used to learn something new. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend time trying to make sure your Zoom conferencing software works when you could’ve learned more in your IELTS lessons.

So spend a few minutes prior to the start of your online lessons to make sure that your software, webcam and earphones are working perfectly well!

2. Delegate A Conducive Working Area

One of the main downsides of online studying is the very fact that you’re studying at home. Being in such a comfortable space such as a home may not create the most conducive learning environment since you won’t be in the physical presence of a teacher and your peers. Furthermore, there are tons of distractions at home that may just divert your attention elsewhere.

Thus, delegate a specific corner to study at. You may want to keep moving around to find the best spot to do so. It’s best to avoid your bedroom, lest your bed tempts you to get some shuteye, and opt for a space that has plenty of natural light. Having a clean and neat environment will also do you wonders! After all, a clean space is a clean mind.

3. Come Prepared With Questions

The most straightforward way to prepare for your lessons is to simply understand what you know and what you don’t know prior to the lesson. You may want to come prepared with questions or a list of a few things you’d want to work on during the lesson. Coming to class with clear priorities will not only help you, but it’ll signal your teacher how the lessons should be conducted so as to suit your needs. If you’re taking an online English course for the first time, for instance, you can inform your teachers on the specific goals you wish to achieve from attending the course. Let them help you by first helping them. When your English lessons end early, jump at the opportunity to ask them questions!

4. Realign Yourself Towards Your Goals

Picking up a new skill set may be exciting but take note not keep up with the same amount of motivation and discipline throughout the journey! It’s easier said than done, but you can remind yourself of the goals you wish to accomplish to help you keep on track. It helps to remind yourself of the amount of money you’re investing in these lessons, so make sure you get the most out of every session!

Similar to other institutions, English Explorer is offering you an avenue to learn English remotely during circuit breaker. As you brush up your English proficiency and fluency, do remember to also take care of yourself by maintaining your personal hygiene and social distancing. Let’s do our part to flatten the curve as fast as possible!


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